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Sunday, January 01, 2012

So, every week or so I buy two rolls of quarters, go to Ardmore with a load of  screens to reclaim at the carwash. We strip off the old design chemically and spray it out with the high-pressure water spray. Several times, now, I have noticed an odd trend. Nestled midway through the roll of quarters is...a nickel. This occurs a calculable percentage of the time.

What amazes me (as though this would go anyone's mind at all, at all) is that one would risk hell, or eternal separation from God, or no Nirvana, or less-than-72-virgins for twenty cents.


Doom said...

Twasn't me. Even when darned hungry and pressed for gold I count and recount my coins while rolling. If anything, I put in an extra if my counts don't add up and I don't want to count again. To the best of my ability I will not cheat even a coin. Lame, but... now I see the other end of it and I am pleased.

Michael W said...

What amuses me is that someone obviously feels they're being fiendishly clever in doing this.

The Aardvark said...

Doom, you are a mensch, and SO not lame.

Michael, yes, that IS HY-larious!