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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

NOTHING has gone right today, and now The Prexy is talking on about his sorely needed healthcare revamp that is being begged for by millions whom I never see.

Nancy Pelosi is reacting to naysaying noises from the Right like the psycho mom in the Rollover Minutes adverts. Scary.

One salvo of applause from the Right: a promise of a measure of tort reform.

Obama beat the drum of TeddyCare, invoking the Ghost of Kopechnes Past. Lets win one for the Tedster.

I'm so reassured. I'm also waiting for the Givemint to start paying my mortgage. I mean, he's been President seven whole months.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I heard rumors once that there were days when Congress actually listened to the people, and "public servant" was not a freaking joke.
Now, the public servant has been replaced with the "public sevant", a brain-dead meat-puppet under the false-God-spell of the ObaMessiah.
Pray...harder than you ever have before!
You only THINK you've seen jobs and businesses leave this country for the Pacific rim. Let these kleptocrats inflict another gimme they have to pay for...

Mrs. Pilgrim said...

Tort reform should be approached cautiously; in Texas, it means having to prove your case fully before you even get to court--and you can't reuse the experts you bring to the pretrial process. Money money money; it's only good for the experts! (And God help you if your suit is on a specialized-medicine question; specialists are tight-knit communities, not usually eager to help "outsiders".)

IOW, poorly-executed tort reform doesn't deter people with the funds to "buy" justice, nor the "paupers". It just stops the hard-working but not-wealthy plaintiff from calling out a bad doctor for bad practice.

I speak from professional experience. It'd be totally different if they put contingency-fee caps on lawyers, sanctions for frivolous cases, and so forth.

The Aardvark said...

Thanks for the insight, Mrs. P. It's like the old story "The Monkey's Paw". You have to get the wish worded ju-u-u-u-u-st right.

I hope that you and yours are doing well!