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Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy 9/11 DAY!

You remember September 11, 2001. You know, the day when the US Government condemned and razed some real estate in NYC, added a door to the Pentagon, and attempted aerial plowing in a Pennsylvania field. That MUST be what happened, 'cos an actor and a Communist rabble-rouser both agree that it did. Don't forget, too, that today has been determined by some tool-or-other to be a National Day of Service. Find a member of Al Qaeda and polish his Quran.

I have fussed about the uselessness of psychological scab-picking at celebrations like the Oklahoma City Bombing, letting the wounds heal for a year, then reopening the thing with One More Remembrance. It would be like a wife buying her husband a Happy Adultery Day cake each year to commemorate his indiscretion. I don't have much patience for this kind of psychological self-injury.

That said, 9/11 is different. Our nation, and our fellow citizens were attacked by Muslims. Not Swedish Lutherans, nor Southern Baptists. Whack-job Muslims incited to murder, and then financed with Saudi money. Ron Paul AND Osama bin Laden have stated that the reason for the attacks was the US's involving itself in the Middle East and elsewhere. I trust Dr. Congressman Paul far more than I do bin Laden, and believe the the most prudent course for the US is to bring back our troops from every locale where we have overstayed our welcome, which is almost everywhere, except for one task: hunt everyone down who was involved with the attack on the US with extreme prejudice. For those unaware, that doesn't mean make fun of their clothing, coloring, or mode of speech. It means take them out. Kill them. Period. Then, get on with our lives.

Muslim extremists plotted, some acted, killed our people, and destroyed our buildings. That bunch needs to be made to go away. All Muslims are not murderous jihadists. There are many who do not accurately follow the Prophet's teachings. They likely make good neighbors. I am not worried about them, but the culpable jihadists still living need to be not living anymore.

Remember 9/11. Remember who our enemies are. Remember that they are out there still, and that they have made promises.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

And to this day Aardvark, that STILL hasn't been done. We've had politicking, bull-shining, obfuscation and backpeddaling. Cannon-fodder, open-ended police-actions to throw lots of money to the already-OMFR Khazars and MIC big shots (don't forget to dot the "i") but no avenging of the murdered...
The murderers are still alive and well, and brain-filthying more terrorists in Saudi Arabia.
What's wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

The bankers are our enemies too. And the Muslims graciously removed some of them for us. Not so bad, really...

The Aardvark said...

Sweet, a gutless "Anonymous".
What an offensive thing to say.

I will leave your comment up, just because.
Maybe Homeland Security would find it of interest.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Bawk bawk!

You can't just go around speaking your REAL feelings and leaving a name behind. Homeland Security WOULD find it of interest.

Rigel Kent said...

Anonymous said: You can't just go around speaking your REAL feelings and leaving a name behind. Homeland Security WOULD find it of interest.

Anonymous, if you think Homeland Security could not find out who you are if they were of a mind to, then you're an idiot as well as a coward.

You're just not that important. To them, or anybody else.

Rigel Kent said...

Good post Aardvark. I can't speak for anyone else, but I certainly won't forget.

The Aardvark said...

Thanks, Rigel.

I was happy to see that you are still blogging.
Heck, I'm no Columbo, and I dug him out....Sitemeter for the win.

I suspect there will be sirens and bullhorns in his future.

Mrs. Pilgrim said...

Why not? The federal government tracked me for weeks after I looked up the blast radius of your average nuclear device on the Internet.

Never mind that I was researching to prove the point that the potential use of nuclear devices by our enemies would in no way be the catastrophically nation-killing event so many liberals hyperventilate over. I was dangerous and had to be watched.