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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dormammu (c) Marvel Comics

The Dread Dormomoo does not have a blog. She desperately needs one. Hear what the D.D. saith:

The current illegal alien / undocumented worker debacle is a bit of cleverness by the Left. A look at any demographical data shows that (1) The Boomer generation is getting overwhelmingly old, fast, and (2) the old majority white Euro-derived population is not reproducing at replacement levels, thus we have a shift in age and spectrum in our broad land. Social Security is bankrupt. Srsly. It consists of boxes filled with IOUs from Congress (which has used all the money for everything but Social Security) likely stored in the West Virginia warehouse that Scully and Mulder found the DNA records of every soul in the YewEssof AY. Congress has spent every dime. Every one. The S.S. checks issued to oldsters today are drawn on the money withheld from present-day workers, who will never see a penny of that money, and whose withholding will not be able to cover the vast needs of a populace pulling into Geezerville. Never, unless some alternative source of funding is found.

But WAIT! What if we IMPORT strapping young workers to pay into the system. But some are already here illegally. How shall we deal with them?


Once they are legal, they can be taxed, and the Union is SAVED!
The idea is amazing in its simplicity, and duplicity. Our "representatives" have come up with a way to save their rears, and save Social Security, unless of course they spend all of that money.

And she got here before Glenn Beck.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Another flaw in illegal migrant reform, is every productive "worker" ends up bringing with him at least a half-dozen unproductive moochers...*ahem* I mean "dependents", who find their way onto the welfare/socialistic insecurity rolls, that consume more than his cheap, low-skill labor can produce...But the OMFR Senators and Representatives' Papist relatives get to keep their sweat shops and cotton plantation...I mean "farms" open and cranking, and that's the important thing.

Anonymous said...

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