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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just an odd bit day. Thoughts and prayers for Rachel Lucas' situation. I am horrified at the callousness of people who ignore a person's emotional pain to advance their own agendas. The believer and non-believer alike are capable of such; believer who takes the opportunity to use a funeral to "evangelise" the heathen, and the atheist who seeks to "evangelise" an agnostic who may be wavering toward faith in...something, and who is unfortunate enough to be culturally literate in her blog titling. Faugh. There is a time to confront, and a time to dummy up, be a pal, and be a leaning post if need be.

Kudos to Roci, Pretty Lady, and all others who supported RL in her embattled state. To the others, nuts to you.


The Confusticated One has taken me to task about Capitalisation for Emphasis. I forget the word he used. Pompous, pedantic, Pretty Lady-esque.

He knows I have done this for years, and have not been coat-tailing PL, but lest I give offense, I shall Rein It In.

BUT. The British variant spelling is back. I worked so hard to quit, too.


Gas prices. ZOMG!! The end of Western civ. American families must forego their Disneyworld vacations, and must stay home eating baloney, and playing on the Slip 'n' SlideTM. Pucky of the equine variety. Eat a couple of Burger King meals instead of Cracker Barrel or IHOP. Stay at Motel 6, Budget Inn, or at a nice Mom & Pop motel, instead of Hilton, Sheraton, or even Best Western. (Motel 6 allows pets, so be aware.)
You can have a lovely vacance , and still drive the minivan. Your Aardvark travels much, and he knows, especially about the minivan.


Character is what you are in the dark. Christian life is what you do outside the church building.


Things medical

Had a BP reading of 190 / 107 yesterday at my local doc's. The BPH trial has my BP checked each visit, and Dr. N. has given me a hard stare on more than one occasion, so I took the opportunity to get a new prescription. Yaaaaaay! pills.I'm so thrilled. Can't you tell? Now my head won't pop!! No-one is telling me that I need to drop 40 pounds, but I do. Any suggestions? I can categorically say that Atkins no longer works for me. I know I need to do more as far as walkies are concerned, so we'll see what the Summer brings. The NP wrote the scrip after saying that I need summat else so I won't have a stroke. That was cheery news. Dunno if he was just being dramatic, or if I should have blanched when he said that. Might have dropped my reading! I should ask for leeches.

I'm not worried or anxious, which frankly surprises me, being that I am having mortality issues. Death is a nuisance. I am offended that I have to die. I will have words with Adam. Such words I plan to have with Adam. I'm not scared of dying...I don't think. I just don't WANNA. "Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but no-one wants to die."

Oh dear, I hope I don't offend someone who DOESN'T want to go to Heaven.


David The Good said...

Oh boy. Watch out for that blood pressure. Those numbers are scary.

But... I've done research on the meds. They're pretty evil too. Havoc-wreakers, actually.

Garlic is good. And Hawthorne tea.

As for losing weight... I dunno. Rachel and I eat like third-worlders and stay pretty thin that way. Rice, beans, veggies, bread and almost no meat. And nothing processed, hydrogenated, or sugared. NO SWEET TEA or soda. (I had to capitalize Sweet Tea, since I appear to be the only person in the South that hates iced tea sweet.

I'm a Yankee I guess.

Unknown said...

Ditto to what David said about the blood pressure. Take care of yourself!

Sticking to just water, avoiding salt wherever possible, at least starting each meal with a nice salad so you're not as hungry when you get to the more caloric items, and replacing traditional desserts with fruit helps quite a bit on the weight front. And if you can find bitter orange extract, it can help give your metabolism a kick start.

It was working for me anyway, and then I got prego and had to stop using it. Actually I still have several weeks worth, and it'll expire before I can use it again. You're welcome to it. I'd hate to see it go to waste.

The Aardvark said...

Thanks David. The meds I have are of the most benign of the lot. Primarily they march excess fluid out of your system. I shall go no further. I figure they are a cut above lances and leeches. I am looking at a more Mediterranean mode of eating.

Ah. SWEET TEA. You cannot find it in Louisiana. I don't know if it goes off too quickly there or if it's one of those silly Napoleonic Code thingies. But there, sir, you have gone to meddling.

A.B., you are in our prayers, my dear. Yeah, this BP was a major surprise. It was MUCH higher than two weeks ago. Stress? It's not the white coat phenomenon, as I am relaxed at the doctor's office, oddly enough.

A nice salad, with half-a-bottle of ranch on it.

Got it. ;^)

Summer is my glory, fruit-wise. Watermelon time! Peaches. Berries.

Bitter Orange, huh? I'll look into it and get up with you.

Thanks guys.

And yes, David. You're a Yankee. I mean that in the BEST possible way.

Unknown said...

Ewww. Don't ruin a good salad by smothering it. Well, I could agree with you if you're using iceberg as your base as it's as tasteless as it is nutritionally defunct. We've swapped totally to spinach as our salad base, and I found out pretty quickly that anything other than a vinaigrette tends to ruin the taste of the thinner and more vitamin packed greens rather than complement.

Spinach with shallots and bell pepper has become a staple at our house. Boo's even gotten into the spinach part, though she prefers hers with dried cranberries of all things. Sometimes I'll add a little skinless chicken baked with rosemary and thyme to make it a meal in and of itself.

Thank you greatly for the prayers.

Unknown said...

I envy you the watermelon. I love it, but melons of any sort make breathing a touch difficult for me. (Yes, there's you confirmation. I'm a total oddball.) *sigh*

Imagine the torture when little brother was growing 20+ pound watermelons a few years back. At least I got to partake of those lovely pumpkins he grew that year.

Rigel Kent said...

I thought my BP was scary. But even at it's worst, you've still got me beat by more than twenty points.

DR.K is now prescribing you no loner watch any coverage of the election. Nothing there could possibly be good for you.

Pretty Lady said...

Aardvaark! You are not allowed to die for a good long time. I covered the weight-loss issue some time ago; you have no excuse.

The Aardvark said...

You are sweetness itself, though you mistake my meaning. I have ZERO intention of doing the off-the-coil shuffle anytime soon, and am actively taking steps to that end. Things are getting better. The Dread Dormomoo's doc is having her do South Beach to deal with cholesterol, so I'm along for the ride.

Of course, I could always get my head frozen, maybe hang with Ted Williams and Walt Disney.

Ha, Ha-a-a-a-a-a...Corpsicles.