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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pick-up lines that just won't do.

"You like women...I like women...we have SO much in common.

From the ridiculous to the sublime dep't.

The underlying a priori of the Plumbline is that The Bible is inspired by the Spirit of God, and is our source of authority in Things Christian, and Things Churchy. To do other than
described in the Scriptures is like playing Monopoly by the rules of Parcheesi.

Point being: if we do NOT do as (assuming) God says, then we may as well come up with our own ways of dealing with God, and seeking to please Him. Things like sacrificing babies, having sacramental sex to encourage crop fecundity, killing those who disagree with our personally authorised practises.

If we are our own authority in things spiritual or religious, then one thing is as good as another, now isn't it?

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