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Friday, June 20, 2008

I may get canned for "objectionable content", but oh, well. I am REALLY tired of the whole presidential circus. Such a choice we have. Obama, the Affirmative Action candidate, who is still in the running precisely because it is cooler to be black than to be a woman. If McCain had opted out of the public money, he would have been piled on as a flip-flopper or worse (I AM amused to see McCain-Feingold come home to roost). Obama is merely reacting to political reality in going against his pledge. McCain would be painted as a liar, an oath-breaker, and would likely be accused of kicking his dog. Obama's wife should be muzzled. His overt socialism is scary, but the wholesale lust for socialism of his followers is more frightening still. Perhaps I should say their stupidity. Change for change's sake is rarely wise. Undefined change for change's sake bodes ill for the Republic. Obama is smart. I think that he may be more clever than smart, in a trickster kind of way.

RINO McCain is little better. He MAY have a little better understanding of business and economics than Obama. May. He served his country, suffered as a POW, and that is laudable. Now, he is an old white moderate, trying to play the conservative card. I do not trust him.

To forestall the knee-JERK accusations, I WOULD support a sensible black candidate, a Constitutional one, like Walter E. Williams or Thomas Sowell. I supported Alan Keyes in his last candidacy.

I find it ironic...NOT in the Alanis Morisette fashion...that a black candidate ultimately seeks to enslave the entire nation to the State. Obama's version of State's Rights.

Neither candidate is looking hopeful re: getting our military out of the mid-east. Ron Paul has made it clear (and as a Congressman, he is privy to much that the hoi polloi is not.) that bin Ladin's beef is with our presence in their territories, on their sacred land, as 'twere. The longer we remain in the Middle East, remaining militarily, seeking to mold the area into a sandier version of US (wasn't that a clever bit, then?), the more we will have problems with terrorism. (Of course, with an enemy like terrorism, we'll never be shed of the problems. You can kill men with bullets and bombs. You can't kill an "ism" except with another "ism". Or an "ity".)

The Constitution Party candidate, Florida pastor/political activist Charles O. “Chuck” Baldwin, is pretty much Moral Majority material. The platform is sound, but the pro-life drumbeat serves to alienate many who would otherwise sign on. (May sound odd for a pro-life marcher to say that, but I'll deal with that another time.) Realistically, this is the Invisible Party.

Bob Barr's candidacy: He is the Libertarian Party candidate. I hope he likes herding cats.

And I'm libertarian.

Green Party: The presidential contenders are as follows:

Jesse Johnson
Cynthia McKinney
Kent Mesplay
Kat Swift

Oh PLEASE! Let Cynthia McKinney win the nomination. Please.


MacLaren said...

I think I'll vote for Barr.

Gamegod said...

As usual, it;s just my lowly and insane opinion, but I still am not convinced of Osama's, (oops pardon) Obama's agenda and belief system. I think we are ignoring the fact that we may be looking down the barrel of having the first Muslim President. Even if he is not now, I could see there being plans to recruit him at any cost. It's a crazy idea, but it makes like sense to me in this case.

Between that and the staunch socialism, I really do not trust the man.

Cunning Dove said...

At this time, I am undecided about what I will do come voting day. I know that I can't sign a petition to write in Ron Paul in Texas. But, I distrust Barr almost < -- Almost as much as I distrust McCain. And I really don't trust McCain.

I plan on focusing my energy on local elections this time around.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

That was beautiful.

The bumper sticker says it all:
"This election will be fixed, too."
In the final analysis, the politicians are provided to give U.S. the illusion of control. We don't, and havent had for some time now.
My advice? Withdraw consent - Don't vote for ANY of the "two" party systems' lords.
Keep your sidearm handy and your powder dry, because when the dying starts, with God's help, we may still have a slim chance to get our country back.

MacLaren said...

Yeah, I don't trust Barr either.

But... who can you trust?

Maybe Baldwin?

Ah... wait... NADER!

Anonymous said...

No 3rd party candidate has a chance; that's the way the 2 major parties have rigged the system. Still, the lesser of two evils is still evil, ergo, won't get my vote.

Cunning Dove said...

As I am getting involved with the Republican Party I see on of 2 possible outcomes.

1. Those who love liberty & supported Ron Paul will get involved, out number the old fuddy-duddies, and guide the party.

2. The party will go the way of the Whig Party.

There really is no 3rd option.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Unless we get the GOP back out of the hands of the "Rockefeller Republicans" and other neo-conmen, America's done, people.
I'll vote for Ron Paul ANY freaking day of the week and twice on Tuesday.
I love the principles the LP embodies (Ronald Reagan would have too). But he also would agree they are top-heavy with atheistic, moral relativists and other closet-socialists, who lack the backbone to stand for anything other than dopers' rights and perverts' privileges.