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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Such a Goodie!

I have a friend, a fellow enjoyer-of-cigars, eater-of-sushi, and a law-enforcement guy.(deputy sheriff). He once lived in California, and did security work at Paramount. Himself turned down a role as a Klingon extra in one of the movies. I wanted to dope slap him when he related the tale, but as he is built such that the Trek guys offered him a Klingon role, I thought it wise to refrain.

The other day he called and said he needed to see me. He dropped by the house and when he did not serve me papers, I figured it was a friendly visit. He handed me the patch you see here on the condition that I would not hug him. A guy at Paramount was throwing out a bunch of old Trek stuff (these people NEVER learn). He gave my pal a few goodies, including this patch. Riatsila and I did some quick web searching, and found that this insignia is from Star Trek - The Motion Picture. It is a medical insignia from a uniform. who knows? Maybe DeForest Kelley or Majel Barrett wore it. It is clearly period, as they make patches differently now, and the fraying indicates it was removed after being used.

It makes me happy. Thanks, Deputy!

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MacLaren said...

That is totally neat.