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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I believe to have stumbled upon the Problem.

Hymns with content, with honest instructional and worship value, are perfectly fine. Great, even. Their intent is to edify the singer/hearer, and to offer praise to God. Where I have trouble is another class of song, them wot serve to manipulate you into a response or action, the hymnal analogue to a Steven Spielberg movie. To praise the Maker of All is laudable in the extreme; to inspire fellow believers to greater acts of faith and service is devoutly to be wish'd. A sentimental song designed to push buttons is low and not worthy of being sung, whether it moves one to guilt, and so to "make a decision" (what's wrong with that? It is not reasonable. It does nor proceed from knowledge of God and His Word, rather it springs from emotional jiggery-pokery. Feelings change and fade; God's Word does not.) or to become teary at the thought of seeing Mother over on the other bank of Jordan, on that evergreen shore, where the roses never fade, O glory.

Hmmmm...maybe I have a new career as a popular hymn writer.

O, glory.


Unknown said...

*sigh* You have me all confused about my one sorry attempt. Of course, it'd probably help if I could remember more than snippets of the writing of it.

The Aardvark said...

Can it, a.b. ;^)

Your song is fine. I'm not setting myself up as hymnal Inspector General, just popping off as to my preferences (tho' I think I have a Biblical leg to stand on.)

You doin' OK?

Unknown said...

It doesn't take much. I've waffled on the thing since Mr. Stevens sent it back with a tune.

I'm doing much better since my regular doc got back to town. She actually answered my questions instead of laughing at me for daring to have some and swapped me to a medication that works without inducing a whole laundry list of side effects.

MacLaren said...

At MTAC, at MTAC where I first saw the light
Shining through a cat-girl's tiny skirt
She was there in lace
And with whiskers on her face
And I am sp happily not gay!

MacLaren said...


MacLaren said...

Did you see the hymn-related violence that occurred recently in your area? Strange timing.


The Aardvark said...

vidad, you are a mental case.

Why can't you be more like Goodman?

Why can't you be more like ANYBODY else?