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Friday, May 16, 2008

Your Aardvark is rediscovering why he does not do Science Fiction conventions anymore, because he is at one as he writes.

Allow a detour, here. The guys and gals who put this con on, MobiCon, do a stand-up job. Great guests, camaraderie...like that. They are personal friends, and are always thrilled to see the Aardvark, especially when he brings the con shirts! They have little control over their attendees, beyond basic security functions to forestall mayhem. MY BEEF IS NOT WITH THEM.

What a self-absorbed, petulant, hyper-opinionated lot, always ready to correct, complain, and regale you with the fascinating details of their favorite book, their mostest awesomest D&D campaign, and how your t-shirt should really read thusly; unpleasant, really. Lots of bad attitude, and it rubs off emotionally. Your Aardvark is grumpy.

There is one guy who has been after me for years to do a loathsomely tacky shirt for him. He has money, and would likely buy a wad of them...but it is so-o-o-o-o tacky. I finally said "NO". I don't need to do smutty stuff. It feels better having shut it down.

Anime conventions are where the shekels are. I do on a Friday what an entire weekend of SciFi con will gross. SF con-goers love to stand around and talk about the same old movies, books, and memorable parties they've experienced. Anime con-goers like to stand around talking about the same old anime series,OAVs, and Raves they've experienced, whilst throwing money at dealers for shirts, costumes, toys, and the new series that they will talk about at the next con!

Food is arriving. If you are ever in Mobile, order pizza from Hungry Howie's.


Rigel Kent said...

If it makes you feel any better you're making me feel better about never having gone to an SF con.

The Aardvark said...


They used to be more fun, when the attendee roster was more...rarified.

Like everything else, SF fandom has been "Wal-Mart"-ed.

I feel a blog entry coming on.

Unknown said...

Hmmm....Perhaps it's a good thing I've learned the difference between a Sci-fi con and a SFFWA conventions. Not that I can afford to load up and head to one with gas prices as they are anyway.