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Saturday, May 31, 2008

So I walk into the con, and who is the first person I see? Jerry "Call me Jerry" Doyle of Babylon 5 fame. Mr. Garibaldi himself. I did not fawn, but I WAS thrilled when he shook my proffered hand. He is also a Talk Radio Personage, an independent conservative. When I can drag in WBAP, I listen. He is sensible.

Tim Riley, a con pal from WAY back, is co-chair for this shindig. He's been doing web-comic style stuff before there was an active internet for the masses. His TR & Co. details the goings-on at sci-fi cons, and fandom in general. Wrath of Con sports an impressive list of guests, including both the blue chick and the grey chick from Farscape. Virginia Hey is the blue one, and is a willowy sweet thang, and actually remembered me from a Nawlins con five years ago. Gigi Edgley is the grey one, and cute. None of the guests exhibit Attitude in any negative sense. Richard Hatch, Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica, and also in the new series, is here, and a popular guest, though not as pretty as Hey or Edgley. We printed the con shirt, and the artist even liked them.

Blam and dast...I am set up next to FABgear USA. I guess I could take out a second mortgage. They are the premiere source for Gerry Anderson and Irwin Allen related goodies. Go buy something. I have never been disappointed. Their service is excellent. Anthony Taylor helps run the thing, and has written an excellent book about one of the Anderson designers, Mike Trim. Check it out at the FABgear site.

More to come...


Rigel Kent said...

I was a big fan of B5 and I heard his radio show a few times. He really does personify the character of Garibaldi. Which is awesome, because Garibaldi was awesome.

Cunning Dove said...

I finally put together a blog. Boy does it need some help... I am not too sure how much time I can devote to it, but I figure it could prove entertaining at least.

check it out sometime if you want to - there is nothing of note posted as of right now... but I didn't want you to be out of the "loop."