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Monday, May 12, 2008

Just shut the frak up!

Where is the frelling world of sci-fi taking us, beyond the use of outstandingly stupid invective? Importantly, we find that no-one in the future(s) can control their mode of speech, and that only bad words have drifted into some bizarre phonetic alternate reality. Now we are being given weird treatments of SF standards:

Transformers: Animated

Ummm...wasn't it always animated?

Ahhh, I'm just missing the days before the SciFi channel became the drain line for the best of subsidized Canadian film-making. At least Michael Dorn and Kevin Sorbo still have work.


Unknown said...

At least McCaffrey's shells, shards, weir bound, and wherry brained are somewhat inventive giving the world she cooked up, right?

I think that was part of the attraction of Whedon's Firefly. They didn't water down the stories, and the dialog was believable. Sure the Mandarin inserts could be a little annoying if you really wanted to know the curses being used, but they were real curses just translated into a different language. Plus, not all the Mandarin inserts were cursing, and most all of them were quite entertaining if you look up the translations.

Rigel Kent said...

My opinion is if you're gonna swear, swear. If you're not, then don't. Making these silly words is just annoying. At best it adds nothing, and at worst it can take you right out of the story, because you suddenly think "What the hell did they just say?"

Whedon's solution was brilliant. And of course Firefly rocks!

The Aardvark said...

Yes, Whedon dood it right. The Mandarin added the spice without the boot to the head.

Rigel, you got my point.
And yes, Firefly doth rock.

MacLaren said...

It's too late. Why am I reading your blog?