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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today was a Doctor Day. I'm back from Animazement, which was triumphant, a huge success biz-wise, and a lot of fun, wenches aside. the AZ love us muchly, and the Aardvarks reciprocate. Bex, Sabrina, and the rest of the crew, THANK YOU!! I am already awaiting next year at the new digs, the Raleigh Convention Center.

While I was away, the Medical Research crowd called home and left the message to come in with a full bladder. One day I MUST inflate a pig bladder and take it in. Such a larf it would be.

Ran the gamut of basic exam stuff: heart, BP, reflexes. Got another blood sample from me, they did, then it was time for the whiz-quiz. Pee in the machine. The upshot: there is improvement. They did a bladder ultrasound immediately, and there was a 125 ml. remnant, half the previous amount. Either I'm getting The Stuff, or I'm REAL good at psyching my body out (so why the problem in the first place?), OR any one of myriads of other reasons, because Possibilities rarely come in pairs. Whatever the cause, SOMETHING is working.


Once again, I am not after the "Eeeeeeewwww" factor here, and am being as delicate as I can. Being part of a clinical trial is a good way to get some basic tests run for nothing (I do have Scots blood, after all I was MacLeod before MacLeod was kewl.)). It is also a good way to be of some help. Yes, Big Pharma, blah, blah. Sorry, do YOU have the bucks and facilities to research the Next Cure? Put up or shut up, or go to the Rain Forest and gnaw some random roots. Mmmmmmmm...herbal-ey.

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