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Sunday, November 25, 2007

OK, Alan Keyes

Get a grip. I've supported you in the past. I mean, I even had your BUMPER STICKER on my van, and I did business with that van. The problem is, you just don't learn. There is an important lesson that has escaped you over the years, and through the attempts. I've said it before, and because my own writing impresses me so, I'll iterate:

Jeremiah never won an election.

I believe that what you will do if your candidacy develops any legs at all is that you will siphon off the lunatic fringe that might go for Ron Paul (I know that many will rollick over the unintentional comedy of that prophecy.) And you will both lose.

Please, Alan, give your stance a chance, and let Ron Paul run. Don't be his Perot. I believe that he has a chance to win.

I know that you don't.

'Cause I learned the lesson.

1 comment:

MacLaren said...

Yup. I'm with you, unfortunately.

On the up side, the ghost of Thomas Jefferson just endorsed Ron Paul. Ha!