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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's a train wreck, I tells ya.

I was feeling punk tonight...Loen and I may well be fighting the same bug. Thus we stayed home at church time. We made the grave error of watching the CNN-YouTube Republicrat debate.


Of course, I expected even-handed treatment at the hands of Anderson Cooper, as I expected piercing intelligent questions from the YouTube crowd.

...sorry, I just spewed hot tea out of my nose. I slay me!

It may be an obvious statement, but the entire debate was naught but an exercise in "How can we embarrass the candidates THIS time?". From the sad retired brigadier general whining about the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy, clutching the big microphone, to the (likely) atheist plant holding up a Big Black Bible and asking "Do you believe every word of this book?", it was an infinite sadness. Ron Paul's real weakness is a tendency to dither while choosing the right phrasing, and he got precious little opportunity to showcase that.

Mitt Romney with his Laser-Eye Action TM was best at deferring to the wisdom of his advisors. John McCain was at his twitchy best. Giuliani was the most convincing of the bunch, as far as steady-on delivery is concerned. That zombie mouth of his is creepy, though. He reminds me of that Mummy in the original Jonny Quest.

A major irritant was the graph. Twelve men and twelve women, undecided voters all (they did not specify whether they were Republicans and Democrats). Of course, the U.V. is the stupidest beast on the planet, and is likely the reason there are so many Moderates elected. These U.V.'s each had a keypad where they registered their like or dislike for the answer of the moment. The 1-10 graph used "5" as a baseline, and a graph was superimposed over the face of the candidate. Each sex had a different color line, and you could track the relative mood of the cattle. After the debate the newschick asked if anyone had changed their minds (sorry, tea in my nose, again) and one white-haired woman said yes, she had. To John Edwards. Another manatee (manashe?)
was all open-minded about gays in the military, and that was sweet from a behemoth in green Spandex.

Did I say after the debate? They interrupted Hunter or Huckabee (sorry, I can't remember. Vanilla or French vanilla) to share the collective wisdom of the Undecideds.

Wow, what a show. I have such Hope for the future of the Republic.


David The Good said...

Geez. I saw that mess too.

The thing that really struck me was the incredible amount of time allotted to Giuliani. What kind of a rigged thing is this? You can't have approximately equal time given to all the candidates? So... we get to pick from media approved vanilla? Damn CNN.

Billiam said...

I no longer bother with such tripe. I also, sadly, have little faith in this country's future. I think we're past the tipping point. It's only a matter of time before our Constitution is nothing more than a relic. Once people sell their rights for Socialized medice, and/or 'saving the planet from man-caused global warming' by giving Government the power, they will have given up some of the most fundamental of freedoms. So, my faith is in God, not man, nor the people os the U.S. that was.

The Aardvark said...

As I said. train wreck. I watched with a horrible fascination, wanting to tear my eyes away, but couldn't.