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Friday, November 30, 2007

Gillian Gibbons is apparently on par with most public school teachers here in the YouEssof Ay. What a stellar example of stupidity, to name a Teddy Bear "Mohammed" in a Muslim country.

But wait...it's the KIDS wot done it. The class agreed to the name after one child suggested it.

But wait...there's MORE! The boy who suggested it did so because Mohammed is his name. He was not thinking of the Prophet, nor the Prophet's beard, at all. He wanted to name the toy after himself.

Gillian should have known better to agree, but I'll betcha she fully believed that Islam at heart is a Religion of Peace and Love for the Betterment of its adherents. And who shouldn't believe it? Just look at Sudan! Darfur, anyone? If I were a leader in Sudan, I really wouldn't want to make my country more noisome than it already is.

Islam is a mongrel religion, cobbled from paganism, and the fever-dreams of a terrorist and pederast. That's a great start. The asses' heads who burble about the "great Faith of Islam" clearly haven't read their Bibles. (I pause for that revelation to sink in.) The book of Romans teaches that "faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.". The Koran just doesn't pass muster doctrinally as an extension of Divine Thought.
No agreement 'twixt the two.

OH! now rioters are demanding that the teacher (who now must be longing for a cuppa by the fire), be executed for her Crimes against Islam. They want to execute a teacher whose students named the class Teddy Bear "Mohammed". Peace and Love, baby. Peace and Love.

Sorry, but this increases my level of respect for Islam no end. It makes me consider naming my next bowl of oatmeal "Mohammed".



David The Good said...

Excellent post, Dr. Aardvark. I wish Christians had the fervency of Muslims... without the insanity.

Here we are with the truth, as my friend Will Keizer puts it, and we're "Happy in our SUVs" instead of making a difference. The Muslim world needs the truth. And people MUST know we are Christians by our love.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, have an opinion about Islam?


It doesn't help when you have "Christians" apologizing right and left for the Crusades, and pretending that the Muslims' Allah is the same as our God.

The Aardvark said...

God clearly said "My name is YHWH."
His name is not "God". Neither is it Harold.

My name is "Weatherly". Much as I love the guy, my name is not David, and I will not answer to it.

If we had but LISTENED to God, and referred to him by His revealed Name, all this nonsense about Allah, Krishna, or Bob being the name of God would have far less traction.