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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cool Yule, Y'all!

I, your errant Aardvark, hope that you all had a delightful Christmas, and a fulsome Boxing Day tomorrow to you!

A Happy and Prosperous New Year as well!
...And as the High Aardvark of Christmas, I hereby abolish the use of the term "cray-cray".

"I do not own the rights to this song."
Then why are you posting it online?

Why must you ruin burgers, pizzas and Philly cheesesteaks with Pretzel?
Evangelical voters, if you go all one-issue and foul up the next election, it won't be because you love the Lord.
It will be because you're stupid.
Supermarionation...IN HELL!!!

The Lisa Frank dystopian vision: "(a) rainbow coated, sparkle laden, unicorn prancing fascist state".
Thanks, James Hatton. My mind's-eye burns, and I may never sleep again.

I cannot fathom the mindset that pits one set of evil-doing against another set of evil-doing, to make the second set somehow not-as-bad as the first set.
It's STILL too soon for Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru jokes.
So we find that "FAIR" is a great and admirable concept.
...Until YOU are the one who needs to be fair.
The Alabama airwaves are abuzz with talk of Gov. Bentley wanting an increase in state gasoline taxes. These are what fund road work, and we need MAJOR road and bridge-work in the state, so overall, I don't have a huge problem with it. Two things...turn Zeigler loose on ALDOT to find areas ripe for belt-tightening, and then....
Y' know the little signs all over AL secondary roads with a bike on 'em? They say "Share The Road". Fine. I'll be happy to share the road if THEY share the upkeep. Since bicyclists don't burn gasoline in their two-wheeler travels, they cannot help THAT way.
I therefore propose that over-the-road bicyclists pay an annual license fee on their bikes, which monies will go DIRECTLY into the State Highway Repair Fund (or whatever it is called). The license monies, beyond the running of the offices to sell the licenses, will go directly and ONLY to that highway upkeep fund.
You heard it here, first. If you share, share it in its entirety.
I'm a smarty every day.
(17 December)
I will NOT be seeing "The Force Awakens" today. It is my decision. I am waiting until the "new" wears off, and I will not have to contend with a theater infested with people who have no clue as to theater etiquette and protocol.
They don't even speak Bocce.
If I chance upon a spoiler online, so be it. There are only a handful of plots, and I have seen them all.
I await the cascade of unbelief as people huff and rant about the Syfy channel's "Childhood's End" teleflick. One fellow writes:
"Throughout, I sat in my chair utterly baffled; completely mystified why the Syfy Channel very clearly succumbed to the hackneyed, Hollywood/TV/Media obsession to change *SO MUCH* of the original story." (Jim N.)
I don't know why anyone should be surprised...
Syfy can't even spell their own genre.
Train your people.
Remove the mouth-breathing imbeciles.
We have received three international packages back because you sorted them to THE RETURN ADDRESS. These are printed USPS-type labels through Etsy. This is happening in Huntsville, NOT locally.
Good thing this crew wasn't working in "Miracle on 34th Street". The Santa mail would have been sent to Wedowee, AL.
(13 December)
Okay, can we just stop with Christmas Presentism, and judging past generations for the gifts they gave and appreciated, based upon our Great Enlightened Opinions?
(See what I did there...?)
(11 December)
Apparently our Chinese takeout was constructed from road kill. Woke up WA-A-A-A-AY too early with...issues. Tummy is all queasy-like. Clearly a TERRISS attack upon my person. I must contact the Department of Homeland Gastronomy and have it, nay, ALL Chinese places shut down, because TERRISS.
Or, y'know, maybe I just won't go there again....
This is eminently satisfying:


Y'know, if we spent our time thinking it through rather than posting memes engineered to divide us, we might all be a lot better off.
Ju-u-u-u-st maybe....
I burned my Ouija board in high school.
I was so disappointed when it did not scream.
I believe that I want to do a series of videos reading books aloud. SHORT books. Short stories. Poetry. Like that.
Any suggestions? (I DO wish to avoid lawsuits....)


Doom said...

I swear, I read this post long ago. Sometimes I do see from the future though, in dreams, daydreams, and just do plainly. I can't remember how, or in what state, but I read this. Oh, and again? Poe... For reading short stories (and poems if you wish). Not only spooky, but the first dedicative stories, and such. You can make the readings dramatic, even to mellow type, or use a straight schtick. Samuel wouldn't be bad either, mark my words. Or some others from those eras.

Jay! said...

Awww ... I LIKE pretzel bread!

Back when I was an "evangelical voter" in divinity school, all the rapture bunnies were agog over Jimmy Carter. "He's one of us!" they all said. They laughed at my choice of Lester Maddox and went their merry way, voting for Mr. Peanut and waiting for the Lord to take them away (IF ONLY!).

I told them that within a year they would not be happy with their choice. I was right.

Poor little Jebbie. He and the republicrats can't understand why such a loutish, LOUD, boorish oaf such as El Donaldo is such a big hit with all those loutish, LOUD, boorish oafs, like me, and would want to vote for him. With my luck, you might be thinking I'm favoring lesser over greater evil (Or the other way around!). :)

Star Wars, etc. ... Sigh ... Lucas got enough of my dough back in the '70s. What is it now? From what I hear, the proper title to the latest is Star Wars Babies (?). Tiny Toons anyone?

Let's see. There are three basic story plots and 14 variations thereof? I long concluded the original Star Wars (Yeah! Yeah! ... Chapter 4: A NEW HOPE.) is nothing more than a rewritten western. And to think ... I saw that one 16 times in the theater when it came out!

Childhoods' End. Read it long ago and absolutely HATED it! "Benevolent" republicrats ... uh ... demicans ... Darn it! ... Aliens! ... Come and save us from ourselves only to reveal themselves as agents (Because they weren't good enough to be "absorbed".) of this spiritual, Borg mentality, hivemind. And even then, it was the kids they were after because us older humans were tainted or something. Well ... At least humanity didn't have to wander 40 years in some sand box to be replaced by the subsequent generation.

I'm "old school". Humanity is supposed to find a solution to this by either appropriating the enemys' tech or making our own and kick their all-wise, smug little non-human posteriors back across the galaxy and into an antimatter star where they can fry in their own altruistic schmutz.

I mean ... hey ... I've seen enough old movies to know ...

I can only imagine how/what they changed with Clarks' story to make it "hip and up to the minute". That or just what happened along the line as the book/script/screenplay was passed up and down the line as each/all and sundry added something to "make it their own".

Yes ... I KNOW Evangelion was partly inspired by CE (Along with Annos' psych problems.). There are some differences that make Eva more than tolerable for me. Misato the beer fairy being one ...

USPS ... Ordered over a couple hundred in movies and anime (My Christmas present to myself.) and almost half of it was stolen off the porch! Amazon made good on it without charging me. I hope the "recipient" enjoyed his "presents". I know I did.

I did burn my ouija board long ago. The accompanying thunderstorm (Honest!) did NOT disappoint!

Coots fer you, lightning for me ...

Short stories for reading aloud for video? Try O'Henry.