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Friday, January 29, 2016

Withering Heights

WVNN advert guy.
Put DOWN the Hi-Q music library...
Back slowly away.

This guy drops "Donna Reed music" behind every straight VO national ad they get. He also thinks he's the new Daws Butler. Tragic, really.


Charter, I was considering doing cable again.
You do not carry NHK World.
Good DAY, sir.

UN Thinking:
“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, therefore contributes to social injustice.” From the report from the 1976 UN’s Habitat I Conference.


My comment on "FairTax"discussion:

Y'know, guys, if all the people who sagely intone "It'll never happen" worked toward it, well, it could happen.

I am worn out with "conservative" pages whining the endless whine about the President, and Congress, and the Senate, and the Supremes, and lobbyists...but none of them are ganging up to go to Washington to clog the marble halls and demand serious face-time with every single rep and senator there, literally clogging up the works until what we want gets done.
Forget about "sacred honor"...these people cannot be bothered to hop a bus to Washington.


I am an animation voice guy. No, not a voice actor, but an aficionado of fine and vintage voice artists. Most of what people my age grew up with was thanks to old time radio actors moving into the new medium of television. We had men and women who could portray characters convincingly by voice alone, unlike the pretty-face actors employed today for name recognition, who mumble their way through their roles with colorless tapioca pudding readings.
This rant being made, I was watching the original "Jonny Quest" series whilst printing last night, and realised with horror that rather than have the credits specific to each episode, the DVD producers cookie-cuttered one set of credits onto all of the episodes, effectively expunging many fine voice actors like Vic Perrin (a real JQ workhorse...I mean, they left out the voice actor of DOCTOR ZIN??!) and J. Pat O'Malley. Such laziness I despise, and frankly, I find it akin to erasing several signers of the Declaration of Independence. One should receive credit for one's efforts.

"The X Files" is not having to find its stride. It hit it on the first step.


As much as I love the Eagles from Space:1999 (really, the best actors in the show!) I would not trust one on atmospheric re-entry.
Weatherly Hardy's photo.


I love that "The X Files" is being sponsored by "X-COM 2".


If the con wants you to sign a "Code of Conduct" document to attend, or vend, say goodbye. Big Brother is watching.

My concern is the burgeoning popularity of con CoCs, especially in the sci fi cons. If you don't read carefully, you can wind up being sacked for saying something verboten, or harboring Hurtful Opinions, or Triggering.

I am not overstating this.

MAJOR X-Files spoiler, cos I don't care!! Scully tries to talk Mulder out of beliefs.


The snow is so lovely as it falls, and the hush as the world is wrapped in cotton-wool is delightful to hear.
Then it melts the next day, and everything just looks like leprosy.


Doom said...

I just got the X-Files, full... save for the new mini-series or whatever. I heard that was not worth bothering with, so far anyway. It sounds like you are in agreement. Yeah, it was often libtarded, but as long as you know it going in, and realize it was probably a character flaw that got him/them put where they were...

As to conservatives going anywhere? You know, conservatives, at least real ones, have lives. Unlike liberals who can be bused to union rallies or D.C. in a hot second by Soros or whoever else... it's a different gig. I've scaled back my *itching. I snipe, now and again, but snipe almost at often at rhinos as at the rest. Not many allies and late is the hour. Oh, I'm retired. Could go. Couldn't afford it and couldn't keep on my feet more than a few hours a day, which wouldn't even get me in to see more than one or two of the crooks before I had to go rest.

The Aardvark said...

Doom, the new mini-series is GREAT, and you can see it online. It's like the original series never ended, except that Mulder is doughier, and Scully a tad gaunt.

Point with the do-nothings is that they are all bluster. Social mediqa offers the illusion of their doing something, but alas, no....

Doom said...

Oh, well, that's good news. I'd trust you more on X-files than... some media type. I am told there remains a slot for the mini-series. I'll take a chance on your word. You and Michael seem to be much more on than off. Might be a generational thing.

We will see about bluster. It takes a lot to get the silent majority (chuckling) to do anything. If they can be chided into action... well... it's still pretty lackluster. But that IS conservativism. It's not a fast moving flashmob, as is the left. Remember that too. And it's a good damn thing or there really would be a revolt every seven years or so.

Michael W said...

"He also thinks he's the new Daws Butler. Tragic, really."

Exceptionally so. There was only one Daws Butler, just as Michael Dunn was the only Dr. Loveless.

"I am worn out with "conservative" pages whining the endless whine about the President, and Congress, and the Senate, and the Supremes, and lobbyists."

I especially agree concerning the Supremes. It was a mistake for Diana Ross to become a solo act.

"As much as I love the Eagles from Space:1999 (really, the best actors in the show!) I would not trust one on atmospheric re-entry."

Here I definitely have to agree. The Eagle's a beautiful design. But aerodynamic? I would love to see someone run an Eagle model through a wind tunnel test, just for grins and giggles.

(On a somewhat related note: why is there a tail fin on the SHADO Interceptor?)

Very righteous comment concerning voice actors. Regrettable, Hanna-Barbera cookie-cuttered the voice actor credits for all of their shows. They figured adults weren't watching them . . . and kids wouldn't care . . . so why bother?

(And, of course, they were wrong. The much younger version of myself always wondered who "Xenia" was, and what was Xerography? And that's MY X-Files.)

The Aardvark said...

I always LOVED seeing "Xenia" in the animation credits (mostly Filmation).

@Doom - Your flashmob reference made me think of film of huge schools of silvery fish swimming one direction, then INSTANTLY all do a 180 and go the other. Popular liberalism illustrated.

Jay! said...

Daws Butler, Thurl Ravenscroft, June Foray, Paul Frees, Hans Conried, Bill Scott, Edward Everett Horton, Vic Min- ... oops! ... too recent, Peter Fernandez, Corrine Orr, Jackie Joeseph and Mel Blanc ... the masters to name a few.

A wikipedia search mentioned a couple times that Hanna-Barbera animator Ed DeMattia might be Xenia.

A recent release of a nicely restored version of Paramounts' '40s Superman theatrical cartoons is marred by the "cut 'n paste" end credits on each episode.

"Land ... cannot be treated as an ordinary asset ..."

Yes ... Freedom is so precious it must be rationed - Joe Stalin

X-Files opening: Something weird occurs.

Scully tries to talk Mulder out of its' authenticity.

Another weird thing happens.

Scully tries to talk Mulder out of its' authenticity.

And yet another weird thing happens, Scully tries ... and on and on. I swear, just one episode working with that guy and I'd believe anything!

Reminds me of an Eek the Cat parody wherein the Enterprise ends up sticking out of the FBI building with Scully running down the halls yelling, "Mulder! I believe! I believe!"

Convention CoCs ... For a moment I thought it was paranoia on your part, but as I'm soon going to have to endure a "diversity" session at work in February, well ... It's gonna' be a really hellacious tongue biting session!

@> Michael - Eagles aerodynamic? With enough power, you can fly a brick!

As for fins on SHADO fighters, fins are KOOL!

SpaceX and Virging Galactic could learn a thing or two from the '59 Caddy.

As for the Supremes, they could do a LOT better than Roberts and the rest of that bunch in Washington. I miss Florence Ballard!

@> 'vark - Do you sell NERV shirts. I put in my application and they said new employees don't get free shirts until after three months employment.