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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Voyage to the Bottom of my Angst

Facebook, why did you put a "Planet Fitness" ad on my page?


Dear e-card makers.
Squashing and stretching clipart and fonts to fit does not increase the whimsy or snarkiness of your product.
It just makes it look like you need your 12-year-old nephew to do your work for you.
The Aardvark


Must break out my "The Rocketeer" and "The Wrath of Khan" soundtracks.
James Horner has left us.


My brain-thinking came up with something terrible. Please to note:
When the Confederate flag is removed from the SC State House, will some genius get before a microphone and say "This makes the Charleston church deaths worth it!"?
While I am not a betting man, I think I know where my money would be. Symbolism ALWAYS over substance. And NEVER let a good tragedy go to waste.


Just because I have recently used the term "sympathetic magic", and discussed the paranormal, does not mean that I have changed teams.


When a politician says "the only way", there are likely 437 other valid ways.


I long to beat Oscar Wilde at the pithy aphorism game. Of course, Oscar Wilde was a hack, a culture whore. Google for Oscar Wilde quotes.

"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

He used a Pithy Quote Generator TM .

Blank is the blank blank of the blank.

Nowadays he would write Star Wars novels.


Environmentalists and animal rights activists seem to come from Planet Four-Year-Old.
Recently, on two continents, supporters of elephants and rhinos burned rhino horns and tusks confiscated from poachers. Beyond making the death of those noble beasts thereby meaningless, what is the downside to this fiery tantrum? Anyone...?
You there...Susie in the front row, waving your arm wildly!
What? Why YES! The do-gooders have caused the value of rhino horn and ivory to increase, thereby giving the poachers increased incentive to kill the beasts and steal the valuable bits. Reduce supply, and the value of what remains goes UP!
Yes, Tommy, that IS what killed the comic-book industry in the '90s.
Can anyone offer alternatives to incentivising the poachers with greater profits?


"Slab pie" sounds SO much better than "dump cake".
Saw BOTH of those dreadful recipe books at Dollar General: "Dump Cakes" and "Dump Dinners". That establishes the level of the cuisine quite handily.


I'm not a "woo woo" guy, but I was talking with a friend in an old building that he uses, just visiting, when I felt the precise feeling, movement and pressure of a cat rubbing against my right leg. I immediately looked down, and nothing was there. It was not a muscle tremor or anything like that. I do not believe in "Aunt Maude waiting to pass over" and stuff like that, but I DO believe that as there are critters in the woods that are part of the physical ecology, there are also "critters" in the spiritual ecology as well, that perform whatever service they exist for, just as natural creatures do. The ancients may have seen or felt them, and superstitiously worshiped them as nature spirits. I do not speak of angels or demons, here, but of the lesser "airish beasts" that Chaucer referred to.

In short, I may have had an encounter with the local wildlife.



Just realised that Michael Savage reminds me of the Evil Movie Producer in "The Wizard of Speed and Time".


The Gospel of Jesus is the surest road away from living as a victim.
Worked for me.


If you want to truly leave an historical legacy, get a 35mm camera, and start taking B&W film images. I am of the opinion that color gets in the way of the image (and in movies, the story).


STOP with the "dark heart of America" stuff, Esquire magazine. We do NOT need to "talk about it". For the past decade we have talked about little else, or at least we have been talked AT about it. I do not have this "dark heart", and I am an American, yea, an American with firearms. I have killed no one, frankly, have only ever considered two targets in my lifetime, and they were evil abusers of kin of mine. Even with such provocation, I killed no one.
I have guns, and I have killed no one.
I WILL NOT own the savagery and insanity of the demonised man who killed nine church attendees in Charleston. His jacket in one picture had a Rhodesian flag, and the apartheit flag. Not normal fashion gear. He acted from his hate, and from his violent nature.
No one else did. He stands alone in his guilt. America is not guilty for this. Even the asses' heads who have beat the drum of racial divide and anger are not guilty of THIS crime.
Only the man. Ecce homo.

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Doom said...

Sympathetic magic? That IS an interesting term for much of what passes for magic. While I have delved in illusion, I have also suggested I do nothing. I merely found what someone wanted to see. If that happened to be contrary to reality, but they did believe it... You don't make illusions, you allow them. Knowing your mark's wants are required, if it doesn't need to be hard knowledge. Not all are... willing.

As for politicians, if they tell you there is one or even ten ways, be sure they mean that even if those ways worked, they would never be used to produce the objective. Without problems (they can manage) they would be obviously useless. So no matter what they do, they know it behooves them to create more problems, not fix them. Quite often, the best solution is no solution. Bad practices lead to bad results which aren't repeated, unless enforced by mandates or because markets are smarter than even well intentioned politicians.

As with Shakespeare or Brittany Spears, it really isn't about originality or some other thing, it's about being the most heard for the longest time. It's always been a market. The key isn't even to be the best at it, merely to have the best publicist. There wasn't much of Shakespeare's which was truly original. But he did write the most, and had a tyrannical queen's favor. Still, I honestly thing, from what I have seen, that you could churn out a couple of books of really quality quotes... both somewhat original and terribly delicious... if you put your mind to it. Heck, get Mr. M. in on it, and you two might be able to put out a four or five volume set that could set the next few centuries to hilarity, contemplation, and quotations. Hurry up, writer boys!

Anyone who believe plants and animals are above humans... I'm not sure I would call them childlike. That is how one approaches God, and what they are doing is not an approach, but departure, from God. I would more call it a twisted suicidal ideation, pointed at others instead of themselves because of cowardice. A lack of faith so profound, murdering people through politics seems reasonable. Not childlike at all.

Not sure about what you sensed. All I know is I have sensed and had visions that don't... perfectly line up with science. I only offer that we can't know all. But I don't just accept my own experiences. I try to find other explanations, open a minor case file, then sift and sort through time. If one believes in God, one believes in other things. But not in everything. An open case, is what I would call that.

Enough for now. Just... some feedback.