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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Text Wall of China

Dear conservatives and Constitutionalists:

This has been an interesting week, in the Chinese sense. Many are kvetching that it is the end of our economy, others are whining "Come, Lord Jesus" over the preponderance of rainbows online (I hold firm with the prayer for the Lord's return, but not as whinging over political downturns. The hymn does NOT say "Whine Up O Men of God....). There is a vast cataract of bloviation on one side, and mean-spirited poor winners on the other.

Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

What we have seen is a result of a vast stratagem, that of Wearing Down the Opposition. For close to fifty years, the homosexual lobby has worked tactical magic day-to-day, from making Christians look silly by ignoring Biblical context, to having VERY sympathetic and likeable characters on TV shows, to marching their brand constantly before the watching world.

They have lived and put forth supreme effort for their beliefs and lifestyle.

Because of this, 1.5-2% of the population has popularised what used to the sin that has no name by turning it to something akin to civic virtue, and by demanding not mere acceptance, no, but celebration and rights for what has never existed before in 5000 years of history, homosexual marriage being equivalent legally and socially to what Jesus defined as "a man shall leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife". (see, Jesus DID talk about it, too!) In doing that they also accrued a large base of supporters, because if you DON'T agree, they will call you made-up names in public. That would be uncool, and you would likely not be invited to the best parties.

How was this accomplished? By unflagging effort to reach the goal.

Dear conservatives, Christians, and Constitutionalists, they BELIEVED, then ACTED unyieldingly to accomplish their tasks. Were we as convinced in our own concerns, we would have stormed cities, state capitols, the very Capitol in D.C., and demanded that those who purport to represent us DO SO. Those who are treasonous would have been arrested, and we would have brought about a renascence of our Constitutional Republic. This is a truth I speak, and you had best hear it. Why did we not fill the streets of D.C.? Why did we not clog the halls of Congress with our demands? Were we so busy that we could not get away? Busy with what? Franklin said that the Founders gave us a Republic, if we could keep it. Was the second car, the bass boat, the vacation so important that we could not be BOTHERED to take back our country?

By all means, let us moan, weep, gnash our teeth, and NOW call on the Almighty to get us out of this mess. OUR mess, for had we the will our fellow citizens had for their interests, we would have won the day by sheer force of numbers. But no, social media, talk radio, "conservative news", all were enough, we thought, we hoped. Someone else will do the heavy lifting. Last year a retired Army guy tried to organise a peaceful siege of Washington D.C. Few could be bothered, and it fizzled.

"Maybe God is judging Amurrica!"  Stop blaming the Almighty for our own almighty sorriness. And as I point my finger of indignation, i am cognizant that three are aimed at me. Nothing short of a revolution will change things, now. I question if we are man enough to even begin to consider thinking about the possibility of debating the need to talk about forming a committee to establish the by-laws for drafting a plan such as we would need.

We have been weighed in the balance, and found sorely wanting. "How can he say this?"

Because we have repeatedly and overwhelmingly lost.

Here endeth the lesson.


Doom said...

You know I am going to disagree with you.

First, it wasn't the work of 1~2% of the population. It was work by progressives. It had nothing to do with affording gays anything. It was as much a part of corrupting the system as it was tearing down Christianity and the family. They tried going through churches, but found that churches that succumbed to homo-acceptance collapsed. All who understand the progressive movement know that, when it has power? It will murder every last homosexual it can find. They are pretty good at that, and now it will be easier, often a matter of public record.

I have a brother who thinks like you, on this issue. Though his thinking is like that on every issue. Neither of you are going to realize how much trouble you are in until you end up in prison for saying... whatever it is you weren't supposed to say. That's part of the program as progressive power expands, and then after it settles into place. We now have a supreme court that doesn't worry about letters, laws, or a constitution. He have a congress that wants to abdicate to a world government, and a clown in the oval office who couldn't have made it through a low level education system honestly.

I wouldn't say we are close, I would say we are beyond the tipping point. Believe as you like. Then again... you may be trying to say whatever you feel you are required to say, whether you believe it is because it is true or because it is good for business or legal standing. It won't help. My brother would go along to get along as well, but pretty much on everything. Now that it is law, it has become mandate. There really are only two ways from here. It started with abortion, and now here, it is the end of Western Civ having any connection with Christianity, or even sanity.

Jay! said...

I would like to post this on my blog.

The Aardvark said...

Jay, Feel free.

Doom, I was working on a reply for you, and it was eaten. The entire system is anti-Christian, to be sure. Thus Jesus instructed us to be "wise as serpents yet gentle as doves". The bad news is, They played the game better than We.

Doom said...

Again, disagree. They weren't even in the game. Much as most women do not actually support feminism, but the men in charge have given feminists the lead over all women. It is why Jesse Jackson, gay activists, feminists, and other minority sorts are ruled among themselves by those who are worst for them as individuals, as groups, and in balance. Gays didn't win anything, nor did we lose. It was simply taken. The courts are not legislative, but that is what they did. But that wasn't done by gays, it was done by those who have taken power. Not as a way of lifting, but as a means of proving oppression.

Don't believe gays won anything. They simply helped leverage a government one tick closer to totalitarian rule. And with that rule will come their genocide. I think evil knows there really is good and evil, even if it has glossed it over. And if society and law doesn't gently or more strongly keep them in place, then they will win over, singularly or collectively, a government that will give them the final solution they know they richly deserve. We all do, but for Christ. If they shun Christ, there is no hope. No, they didn't win. They can't win. No more than Satan can win.

Oh, yeah, I'm getting posts eaten here, left and right. You've got some security thing about clicking to prove we aren't a robot. Usually, here, if I forget that, I lose the post. I just copy anything I type here, just in case. Though, not even that always works. I actually saved a post for two days before I could get it to post. Said your comment section had gone private.