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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Wherein the Aardvark is Hacked to Pieces.

The THING online now is that EVERY allegedly helpful innovation is a "hack".

You know, using bread clips to ID your computer cables, paper towel tubes as low-rent cable channels, and old pantyhose to store Christmas wrap. Like that.

Now there are things called "food hacks". They used to call them "recipes". Now, I reckon we will see "Hacks From Heloise" in our Sunday papers.

C'mon...not everything is a hack. Let me be clear:


Michael W said...

My late mother would've been surprised to know how many of the common tricks she used in the kitchen are now being referred to as "hacks"*.

(*probably by people whose experience in cooking is limited to peeling back the cover over the tater tots before putting the dish in the microwave.)

Doom said...

I did get one tip from the a "hacker" that was actually useful though. The odd cutouts, at the ends of plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and such, it turns out, are used to keep the roll in the box. I was always pulling those out when trying to get a bit of it out. Push those in, as tabs, and the roll stays in the box, and the cutter works more easily.

Most "hacks" are utterly useless, though, true. I think of the other nine "hacks" offered, none of them were useful. Some of them I outright doubted or considered subpar beyond use. Hacking is considered sexy, usually by the friendless mind you. But for now, it is a matter of the belief that sex sells and hacking is sexy but "legal" somehow. They'll get over it. Especially when the world has had enough of hackers and they become hunted. It's coming.

The Aardvark said...




Michael W said...

"Hanging's too good for 'em! Burning's too good for 'em! They should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!"