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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jack Armstro...ooops!

One of the neat things of having a grandkid is introducing him to coolness: to wit...Jonny Quest. The REAL JQ from the mid-60s! He just thanked me for introducing him to the series; not bad for a 7-year-old!

Here is a bit of fun....

A minor frustration...the "Pursuit of the Po-Ho" episode is perhaps the most infamous, with Race dyeing his skin purple to play the god gambit...he rises from the river and says "All right, you ignorant savages, get a look at Aquezio, you heathen monkeys!", except for the DVD, which offers dead air except for "(G)et a look at Aquezio". The mouth movement and the subtitles present the original line.

Presentism. Feh.

Remarkably high body-count over all.


Doom said...

I should have to guess that a 7 year old who offers thanks... well... it's rearing. And rearing starts at the start. So... you only have yourself to thank.

As to modernism? It is why I would rather have real, not digital, books. I have to wonder how many classics have, or will be, "edited" at any given time. Who needs to burn books when you can just revise them?

Michael W said...

Here's a little something to perhaps make your mouth water:


Jeremiah still has yet to appreciate "Jonny Quest". Then again, I didn't have the videos to introduce him to the episodes when he was 7 (whereas "Thunderbirds Are Go", which he first saw when he was younger than 7, and watched practically every day for years afterwards, holds a warm spot in his heart). You've got to capture them young (although I suspect he makes his less-than-flattering JQ comments only to yank my chain).

Doom said...

Yeah, have to catch them young, for sure, Michael. Which is why I missed out on some of what you guys like. I was too late to the party. As to yanking your chain? *cough* What I said above, to Aardvark, about thanking yourself? Ring any bells? :p

No complaints, not a lament, just enjoying the free air, my friend! A bit of both, all I'm saying.