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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Dear political activists of all stripes:

On the day commemorating the freeing of those in Auschwitz, remember to check where your money comes from.

George Soros worked with the Nazis to take valuables from his own people, in his own country.

:...in 1945, when real Nazis were perpetrating the real Holocaust, George Soros, as a teenager, was actually helping real Nazis confiscate the real property of real, about-to-be-“exterminated” Jews in his native Budapest, Hungary....George Soros freely admitted his actions in the now-infamous Steve Kroft interview of 1998." (from PJM)

( and yes, I am aware of the vast amount of online redacting and furious backpedaling to clean up the...discomfort... caused by his interview.)

It is amusing that the interview has vanished, save for small tid-bits online. Glenn Beck's exposure of Soros has made a lot of scrambling happen.

If you find it, feel free to post links in the comments.


Doom said...

My guess is, you will find the Soros is still profiting in much the same way. He has supported and used tyrannical governments to his profit margin and political ends. He wasn't a victim, as it turns out, just another of the sharks in the water.

I did see the interview, if I didn't get the link or download it. And my old computer died, so... If I happen to see it, I'll pass it along. Odd how such things seem to populate the part of the internet world in which I swim. It's the side where truth is revealed.

Jay! said...

Once a kapo, ALWAYS a kapo!