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Monday, September 08, 2014

Almost 40 years.

Almost 40 years.
I have TRIED. I really have, but aside from dreadfully few individual episodes, I find Space:1999 to be a load of foetid dingo's kidneys.
And Eagles would survive re-entry exactly the same way bricks wouldn't.


Doom said...

Ah! You, my dear friend, are a lifesaver! I despised that movie from day one and have tried, myself, a number of times. However, and mind you, I am a philistine of the highest order in these areas, decorated by the king of shameful disregard himself! Anyway... despite that, if a lauded purveyor of the exotics that are sci-fi, fantasy perhaps, anime, and such, can spit such an oath out... then I can sleep just a little better... whenever the heck I can sleep next. But that is another matter entirely.

Thank you, sir. When Christmas rolls around, I may see if you have a libation of preference, and send it just for this. Assuming such a thing might be of use. Scotch, sherry, perhaps a specific vodka or tequila? You wouldn't believe how, if oddly, this one little thing has bothered my mind.

Michael W said...

I had just recently re-watched "Breakaway" and, as much of a devout fan I am of the work of Brian Johnson, Martin Bower, etc., you can only make so much of a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

(Think of how much easier it would've been if, instead of the Moon, it had simply been an experimental spaceship or space station that had its engines locked on FULL.)

Jay! said...

Awwwww ... I actually liked this show. At least until its second season.

Channel 6, WTVN (Now WSYX.) carried the first season then advertised the heck out of the second ... without airing it.

Good thing too. Relatives in New York state told me how ridiculous it had gotten. Usually the cast would get in a fix, Maya would turn into a cough drop or something, slip under the door and save the day. Viewing one episode while on a visit convinced me.

Michael W said...

@Jay --- the only possible reason to watch the 2nd season of Space: 1999 was to glom the shmoozy model work. And you had to be a REALLY hardline SF-TV model junkie to make it through the season (which, unfortunately, I was and still am).