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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

With a knick-knack, crack your back....

Superboy is not a fan of "The Aristocrats".

The weekend was loathsome. I had a lower back thing, and my right hip was a royal pain. I stayed in Saturday and Sunday, having to use a cane part of the time. Being a guy and all, it takes a lot to make me go to a doctor.

This was a lot.

I requested prayers, and they are appreciated. Part of their result was my having wisdom to Go See Someone. I have not been to a chiropractor in some twenty-five years, and the one I went to was the weird bio-whatsis, manipulating pressure points and putting electrodes on my back to let the ants dance on my muscles. Mind you, it worked, but some of it was a tad New-Agey for my taste.

Not this guy. He is old-school. Jeff Besherse DC at the Ardmore Chiropractic Clinic is my guy, now. I've known him for years, used to attend the same congregation with him and all. He did the obligatory X-Rays, and led me into the therapy room, wherein was...The Table, standing at a steep angle. He had me step on the foot pad, and put my face in the face place. he then lowered the table to actual table position, giving me the feeling of prepping to drive the Christian Bale Batmobile. Then the fun began. he had me face left, then right, while he adjusted my feet (this apparently reveals alignment issues). Then I put my face back in the face groove, and he started...adjusting. The table has hydraulic sections that lift and provide better mechanical advantage for his maneuvering, levering, and cracking. The sensation was intense, somewhat painful briefly, and in the midst of his applying pressure, I started to laugh like crazy. The sensation apparently causes the brain to release endorphins, like a good bout of deep massage does.

Riatsila, I completely understand the trapezius thing, now.

This did not take long, and then he raised the table and had me step off and walk back and forth in the room. I did not limp as I did when I first came in, and I felt...GOOD! He explained what my issues were, and outlined a course of treatment over three weeks. The office visits are not expensive, and from the immediate results, I have no qualms about the treatment.

So, hurrah! I feel better. I printed 150 shirts tonight, and did some mug prints that needed doing. I'm productive again!

Again, thank you for your prayers and concern. Things are looking up!


This is not the exact model, but it will give the idea of the table:

HiLo table when elevated


Jay! said...

Igor! ... Throw the switch!

Doom said...

I woulda prayed hadIa known.

As for chiropractors? I trust them more than I trust doctors, just can't afford. Actually I think it was more the massages. Lowered my bp more than medicine, but it isn't covered and it is pricy.

Well, hop to it then! Carry on. :)

I hope you don't hate me for my... smart ways. But if you do, okay.

Michael W said...

Criminy! The last time I saw something like that table, Richard Topcliffe was using it to force confessions out of supposed Catholic spies.

Michael W said...

And just last night I was telling Young Son about the constant travails of your work.

Please try to take care of yourself.

The Aardvark said...

@Jay - I must suggest having a decorative Jacob's Ladder or two....

@Doom - Thanks. I addressed this all to my "Facebook" crowd, as I was planning to link this post to my FB status. But thank you. Praters are still needed and appreciated.

I don't hate you for your smart ways.

I hate you because you're beautiful.


@Michael - Thank you. I shall.

What? - You...you...TALK about me??

The Aardvark said...

@Doom -

Ummm..."prayers", also.

I see enough "praters" at Vox's.

Michael W said...

@Aardvark --- yes, I chat you up at home. To the uninitiated you're just a humble purveyor of t-shirts. Only a select few know that you're the Grey Eminence of southern SF.

The Aardvark said...

I am so happy that I was not drinking coffee....

"Grey Eminence"

I now know my superhero name.

Thank you.

Doom said...

Praters, at Vox's? Do tell. But, okay, prayers on the way.

Oh, and... aw! That's mighty... hmm... Well... Finally, someone notices! Heh.


I don't know, that's probably why I like that table. Pain does a body good, or something like that. Uhrm, for some of us.