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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Blivets from the Boonies

The D.D. and I went to town yesterday, and we saw a truck similar to this:

fetchmyflyingmonkeys blog

Herself looked at me and said "Body Snatchers".

That's why I love her!

She was in a musing mood as we drove out to The Fish Creel, a landmark seafood place which takes up a measurable percentage of the property in teeny Anderson, AL. We used to go there with her parents, and have not been in nigh unto twenty years. The food was amazingly good. It is under new management, but tastes just the same as years before, even the hushpuppies (with the right amount of onion!) She had fried catfish, and I, a fried shrimp and scallops combo. DEE-lish! The scallops were REAL scallops, too, not punched skate. The staff were excellent, and did not allow our tea glasses to empty. The only downside was Country Crock for my baked potato instead of butter.

So, she was musing, and out plopped this thought:

If racism is thinking your race is the best, then where is the "equality" in feminism?


Doing a non-Svengoolie Saturday night, and we plan to watch Harlock, the live-action movie based upon Leiji Matsumoto's "Captain Harlock" space pirate character. May do a reviewlet.

Must set up a new Brother all-in-one color printer/scanner-mo-tron. Because Kodak bites.

Tatty-bye for now!


Jay! said...



Wasn't Punched Skate one of those lesser known, late '70s punk rock groups?

The Aardvark said...

Should have been a band name!

AH! "Harlock" was a CG movie! Not a bad one, either. Lots of laser-spam-fu in the battle scenes!