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Monday, August 11, 2014


So everyone has heard. Robin Williams, dead by apparent suicide. Facebook has endless posts and reposts of the news. People commenting "I'm crying...". And I am angry.

You see, I suffer from deathlexia. I do not react to death the way other people do. When someone dies, they're gone. Pffft, like that. It is rare that I react emotionally even to a family member's demise. It took fifty years for me to finally grieve over my mother's death. I have instructed the family that it is OK to continue business as usual should I kick the ink bucket. Don't leave the convention just because, unless you REALLY can't handle it. In a perverse twist, I want to keep doing cons, my ashes enshrined in an aardvark-shaped jar. No explanation needed, lest we squeam our customers away....

So I am angry. Angry at all the tears and grief shed for a man none of them knew. A man with a history of alcohol and cocaine abuse and rehab, a history of depression; a walking target for the Reaper. (I am not judg-ing his struggles, merely reporting them.) All the tears for a man with everything: talent, fame, adoring fans...a man who couldn't take it. A man who gave up. I am furious.

I think it likely that if he was medicated for his depression, that Big Pharma may well have some culpability. Angry about that, too, and that he left his family with a bundle of questions like "What more could we have done...?". I've battled Depression, as has the Dread Dormomoo, at the same period of time. Oh, it was a jolly romp! We didn't give in. We didn't off ourselves. We didn't have fame, talent. money, fans....

I'm angry at the fuss. I'm angry that he did it. I'm angry that people did not effectively share the Good News with him...only enough apparently to provide him comedy-fodder (Williams did a dead-on Ernest Angley). I'm angry that religious freaks like Angley exist at all, turning the Faith Once Delivered into a side show. I'm angry that Williams still (perhaps) had good years left, and robbed us of his talent.

So, weep for Robin Williams. Perhaps it is what he would want. Perhaps he would not care at all. Me, I'll be over here, seething.

And thinking about Christian children being beheaded in Iraq by Muslim liberators. Someone needs to remember them.


Unknown said...

Our society suffers from a lack of gratitude. Queen Elizabeth I ruled one of the greatest empires in history, and seldom ate fresh fruit, did not have electricity, running water, indoor plumbing, television, radio, telephone, automobiles; all are things even the poor in America have. And yet we are not grateful for the love of our Lord, and the great bounty we have been given.

Doom said...


She did get an indoor facility later in her reign. One of her nephews, I do believe. Crapper? Can't remember if that was his name. Never the who. But, yes, spoiled, if to a degree gladly. I think, if spread through capitalism, it would be a good thing for all.

Being ill I have gone hungry, for days, weeks, perhaps a month, at a time. Until someone realized and started feeding me occasionally to help kickstart, and bolster, my own efforts, which happened just as they found the problem and it is finally being treated, as well as it can be. And the military, before I was ill, trained me to live with little then often didn't provide that, always. But it was what I signed up for, so no tears on that point. Merely suggesting I have learned to live without. I wish more knew more, as you suggest. But, on balance, I would have us all live better than the kings of old than have us all grovel for the very food we put in our faces. I've seen the difference.


Can't disagree. Only, I am completely neutral, almost in a dead way. I neither know, nor care, really. If I am irritated, it is in the fact that I can't avoid the story. And, while you do not judge, I choose to judge, to a point. Not personally, however, nor am I capable of assigning heaven or hell. I didn't know him. I judge society, much more so, for eulogizing such a man. Not quite Barabbas, but in a way, far less due to things Mike suggests.

Deathlexia? I am going to ponder the definition, meaning... I use manorexia, already, of my own accord... as a term for steroid-heads. Your term is similar and yet different, not sure I quite have it. A dearth of empathy for death, perhaps. Yes, yes, I think that is it, as I see things. One I only share in some cases, if I have it right. Actually, for the most part, I think we share it in this case.

Cheers! :p

The Aardvark said...

Turns out that Mr. Williams was diagnosed with Parkinsons some time prior to his exit.

This has not improved my opinion.

The evil,obstreperous part of me wants to ask "So, was Robin Williams less of a man than Michael J. Fox?"

Doom said...

I hate to say this, on that, but...

If I had to choose between Fox and Williams I would choose Williams. While I don't care about his suicide, I am rather neutral other than his disease spreading. A typical lost soul, otherwise. Fox was supposedly centered and righteous, to some degree. As soon as he became ill, he began pushing to grind up babies to find a cure. A cure, as it turns out, is impossible to be found that way in any case. Just the willingness to violate viable babies... Evil. Pure, unadulterated. He, too, should simply have committed suicide if he couldn't deal with the disease. Better to be thought of as a secular putz than as a monster.

The Aardvark said...

WOW. I had no clue. That IS evil.

Babies? Oh, wait! You meant "Non-viable tissue masses". It's all good....

I was talking with someone about reasons we can't win wars. For WW1 & 2, we had an excellent propaganda machine, with cartoonists and film-makers able to make the enemy more loathsome thatn they may have been. (Think "Private Snafu" and the Bugs Bunnt WW2 war cartoons). By dehumanising the enemy, you drum up more support from home. KILL THE MONSTERS!

JUST what the "pro-aborts" have done by removing "baby" from their lexicons, and presenting the pre-born as "parasitic blobs of tissue". Kill the monsters.

Manorexia. RIOT!!!