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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Osteoterrorism, and Hellfire.

I note: I am not in any way complaining about results of my Course of Treatment. Anyone who cracks my neck and does NOT then go "Shhh...sshhhh...it'll all be over soon...." is a winner in my book.
No, My back and right hip are boundlessly better. I am not limping, the pain is diminished to a mere reminding pressure, though my chiropractor comments that my right hip does not want to stay aligned.
Well, Jeff, things have changed. Now my LEFT hip is doing That Thing. Next Wednesday's appointment shall be interesting.
It's like taking the car in to the mechanic. The noise that alarms you either disappears, or changes location.
Schrödinger, and the other quantum wrench-wielders, were right.

This church sign has made its way around Facebook and other forums:

Look at the lettering.

This is a fake.

One of my FB friends sez:

The sign is fake but the message is correct. All those people along with everyone else will go to hell unless they are saved by Jesus.

To which I replied:

The sign is incorrect because of intent. It was (likely) cobbled together by non-Christians to "show" what evil haters church people are. It is also incorrect because it is too focused. If the Bible says "for ALL have sinned" our proclamation should be what the Bible says, not targeting a small number of politically iffy groups. And not even Paul said "All those people along with everyone else will go to hell unless they are saved by Jesus." Truth may be in it, but he didn't even put it that way to the idolaters in Athens in his speech on Mars Hill.

While I am having doctrinal issues with the "classic" presentation of "Hell", I fully recognise the need for and Biblicality of Divine sanction of sin. I utterly resist the "Hellfire" type preaching which purports to punch people's ticket. Paul (and the Holy Spirit Who inspired him) missed a golden opportunity in Athens, Greece to firmly present their roadmap to the Eternal Fricassee. As I recall, all of the pronouncements of eternal punishment were instructions to those in Covenant with God (or those who claimed to be). I welcome rebuttal or correction, as I do NOT wish to promulgate what is false. There are warnings about THAT, too.


Michael W said...

I'll withhold judgment until I see the sign in front of the Lemon-Lime Church of God.

The Aardvark said...

Syncretism Michael? REALLY?

Doom said...

Baptism seems to be required to enter heaven, so there is that. The rest?

As I understand things, there are two other places, one of which I may have seen. If I saw the one, then I heard about the other. I saw purgatory, if my health wasn't fooling with my brain. It was... quite nice, really, compared to earth, life. I heard, in the songs, words, but few, about hell. I can't remember what was said, only that it was the saddest "song" I have ever heard, probably the saddest that can be sung.

For my part, I finally decided I do believe I saw and heard. This time, though, I am hoping to go in rather than just be in a, potential, waiting room.


Right! Now, that's funny. Somehow. It doesn't always have to make sense to me. Besides, that's what Aardvark is for. :p

Jay! said...

The ORANGE church of God? THAT tells me something ...

Watch out for that Ayanami kid!

With my luck it would be that darn Kaworu.