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Sunday, August 31, 2014


So, I've moved from "Sigma" to "Alpha" in my hierarchy rating.

Hmmm...must be mellowing out.


Michael W said...

I took the quiz and rated Sigma.

Doom said...

Yeah, I don't know. I got sigma too. But, remember, it is self-reported. I still am not sure how much I buy game, and definitely the tests. Still... Cheers! Now get off my porch!

Oh, right... It's your porch. Later. :)

Doom said...

Okay, I've thought about this. The reason I do believe I am sigma is not because of a test. It is because, in my younger adult, and even adolescent, life, I lived the same way. I tried to tell people I was a nice guy, but my actions betrayed me. I was hard-nosed, rough, mean, and practical, I just didn't like the idea or notion of it, so denied. Heck, I used notions like, 'live and let live', and 'women are equal', to live like a snake in the grass, with a smile, and approval. In the secular world of the inane, it's appearances and lies, not truths and the realities, that gain acceptance.

Sigmas are allowed to quote feminist dogma, even while they go through women like water. Feminists are happy with it, as long as they get a... chance at being used and abused. Men allow sigmas because we do what they wish to do, but either know is wrong and don't, or are too afraid.

So, I know I am sigma, because I was sigma, at least when I lived more fully and as a secular. Even now, I am considered a hard-nosed Christian sob. Different gig, same methods? Maybe.

So, if you are a sigma, you probably always were. Leopard meet spots? Yeah. So... that is my homework for you. Decide if you are, and always were, a sigma. Or if being a cranky old man is simply filling in for the notion. It sucks, but I had to do it. I had to look and dig.

Then again, I'm no more pleased with some of the notions than... I would almost prefer the innocence of a delta, or even that of a retarded man in otherwise good standing. It's a bitch being a bastard.

Michael W said...

@Doom --- I've always been suspicious of tests which try to quantify human behavior, or just people in general. Years ago I was working for a medical parts supply company, and the owner subjected us to tests which placed us in color-coded categories. He and I ended up being the same color and, if you knew anything about this person, you'd understand why I came within an ace of getting up and walking out. People are not potatoes, or boxes of cereal.

I've also taken three separate online Sorting Hat tests. Each time I've been sorted into Hufflepuff, whereas I privately feel Ravenclaw would be much more suitable.

(I also once took a "Where in Middle Earth would you live?" test, and ended up being placed in the Mines of Moria. Admittedly not too bad, but I was rather hoping for Rivendell. Much more books.)

Jay! said...

I answered with the most outlandish of the choices available.


Michael W said...

@Jay! --- that just means you're a renegade Time Lord whose mortal remains are buried in Shoreditch in London's East End.

Doom said...


Now that, right there, is tem funnaz. Lord knows I needed a real serious laugh. Oh, how did I used to put it? Kick em' when they're up, kick em' when they're down... rinse and repeat as necessary. Hmm... ought to be a song.