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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy birthday to ME!

Now, this is not an artless method to have you glad-handing, and hale-fellow, well-met, and Many Happy Returns of the Day, though none of these would be unappreciated. No, this is the Hook whereby Hangs the Tale.

For much of our married lives together, The Dread Dormomoo and I have had a Little Hobby in January or February. It is the annual What Do We Waste Money on This Year. We have been the targets of circle-drawers, vitamin pushers, juicers, hot-shot diet programmes, but nothing that slices, dices or makes mounds of Julienne fries. Home business opportunities for the win! Finally, we have come to the knowledge (some years back) that people offering An Opportunity are far more interested in their wallet than ours, that "MLM Love" is a shallow commodity, and that with mult-level marketing, the House always wins; we don't play that game anymore. Now, the habit involves household or business tools, like that. We have not really thought about it this year, and February cometh to a close. "A-HA!" he cried! My birthday is upon us!

Earlier in the week, I was at our preacher's shop (he has his own business, a gun and ammo store. Really. We were talking about current events and getting a scope for my youngest's vintage sniper rifle when his wife came in. She is a teeny thing, sweet and chirpy.  She proceeded to instruct me as to my future. Her name is Robin, and she viewed this as a fait accompli. I need to do blog radio, she said, and rattled off some favorites of hers. And that was that. She would be Robin to my Howard Stern. Or Firm, because I am not Stern. In any sense.

It is my birthday on Tuesday. My USB microphone and stand should be here by then. Oh, and my pop filter, so I don't Ppop my Pp's. The Aardvark's Plumbline will be On The Air in a couple of weeks, 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. We'll see what happens. Details will follow.

Happy Birthday to Me!

This will be way to extricate me from Facebook. The show will be the same absurd mix of pop-culture, homilies, and current events. Plus, I will have perhaps the only show with a Christian angle that isn't End Timey Wimey. Perhaps my Most Hated Christian Blogger award will be in the mail when I do not bow to Bebe Netanyahu, although Vox Day may have won it for a lifetime.


Michael W said...

Happy Birthday.

(And let us know when to tune in.)

The Aardvark said...

Tune in, heck.

I plan on having you as a guest!

-Warren Zoell said...

Happy Birthday Tubulidentata!!

Rigel Kent said...

Many happy returns of the day of course, and I look forward to the show.

Doom said...

Happy birthday...
Happy birthday to...

Happy birthday to... Me?


But seriously, happy birthday!

The Aardvark said...

I am aiming at Monday, March 3.

Jay said...

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Whoop de doo!

Whoop do doo!

May yer day be pleasant!

Open up yer present!

Just for you!

Just for you!