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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday-night Sober Blog

Vitina Marcus. She's the green one  (c)20th Century Fox TV

Lost in Space has our intrepid heroes ultimately headed back to Earth, but the green-skinned Chick of the Green Mist, played by Vitina Marcus, is wooing Doctor Smith to get at the Jupiter 2's deutronium fuel , which she prizes as an apertif. Will they get home? Well, this is the second episode of the second season...figger it out!
My obligatory glass of port is hard at work as my favorite Trek villain goes through his paces: Harcourt Fenton Mudd (Roger C. Carmel) in the episode "I Mudd". I proclaimed to my family " I could DO Harry Mudd!"

I then hurriedly amended that I would PERFORM Harry Mudd's role accurately. The Dread Dormomoo was palpably relieved. Srsly, I love the Mudd persona! Such a fun character!!
Our MeTV signal was spotty tonight. We have instead resorted to the Warner Archive channel on the Roku. "Battle Beneath the Earth" is our ersatz "Svengoolie" movie. Kerwin Matthews, and Ed Bishop (Commander Straker in "UFO") battle Chinese laser drillers beneath the Lower 48. The ChiComs are planning to  detonate nukes beneath key points in the US. I saw this movie as part of a drive-in triple feature when I was twelve. The other films were Polanski's "The Fearless Vampire Killers", and "The Conqueror Worm", which was an Inquisition flick starring Vincent Price. Those were the days!!
Supper was my May-HEE-can cornbread, redolent with onion and jalapenos, with pinto beans cooked with country ham. AWEXOME!
Back is being evil, and the Dread Dormomoo has a cold. We may be in the rest of the weekend.

Everyone have a lovely Sunday!


Doom said...

Do you have a favorite port? I've been sampling, off and on, through the years. I've not settled on one, so always curious. Whiskey and scotch (both single barrel and blended) I have down. A red wine as well. But not a port, white wine, or bubbly.

I know, I know, but... Plus, I'm always curious about people's story regarding their libations. A throwback to my devil advocate days? :)

The Aardvark said...

I am not really a wine guy...most of what people ooh and aah over tastes like vinegar to me, without the character thereof.

I therefore prefer a sweeter wine. I generally grab Taylor Port. (It was a good week...would you like to smell the screw-cap?) I know what to expect. I have tried various, and always return to Taylor. Tawny Port is too fuzzy with tannins...tastes like they soak the bitter brown bits left from shelling pecans in the wine before bottling.

Hey, color me "Philistine"!

Michael W said...

Vitina Marcus' portrayal of Athena is perhaps Denise's favorite Lost in Space character. According to the notes I've found on her she's enjoyed a healthy working relationship in Irwin Allen shows, and she makes appearances at Lost in Space conventions as You-Know-Who.

"Wild Adventure" is an interesting episode (love the idea of the fuel buoys even if the explanation behind them is Allen's usual BS). But I would've spaced Dr. Smith for what he did in the course of that particular story. The Robinsons (and West) had the patience of a saint.

I don't know if I could play a convincing Harry Mudd, but I still think I could manage a good live-action Professor Popkiss (as well as the Penguin and the Mole Man. If my fashion sense was better, and if I knew anything about orchids, I think I'd also like to try Nero Wolfe).

Michael W said...

I do know that, if I tried doing Harry Mudd, Denise would definitely want to play Stella.

The Aardvark said...

Michael, spacing? Yes. West was no saint...just more civilised than he would like to admit, able to be swayed by the Robinsons' relentless do-gooderism.

I've got the Mudd voice down, and I do a more-than-passable Dr. Beaker.

Nero Wolfe? I LOVED Maury Chaykin's turn at it.

Michael W said...

Maury Chaykin was the person who turned me onto Nero Wolfe in the first place (saw stories like "Mother Hunt" and said "Where has this guy been all my life?"). Been reading all the Rex Stout I could get my hands on since then (and some nice fellow has uploaded all the Chaykin Wolfe episodes on YouTube).

Doom said...

Colored. :p

Hey, don't know Philistines. I R one, often enough. My favorite red wines are humble table wines, for example. My scotches are something else, but extreme rarities too. A bottle is a yearly drinker, at most. I'm more with ya than agin ya. I'll happily try Taylor. Thanks.

As to Mudd? I never did like him. Stella, on the other hand. Uhrm, she was the gnarly mean bitty put in charge of Mudd, right? Color me a Philistine! Taught little meanies just have a place in my heart. He actually reminds me of an uncle(inlaw). Not up to Mudd's true potential, and more for physical characteristics with side notes. Still, being a fan of Price, and such, at one time the notions were not as lost on me as they are these days.