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Saturday, November 09, 2013

The 'Vark's spleen, she is vented.

This is an opinion piece. Please to note that no harm is wished upon anyone. It merely examines cultural change in my lifetime. It should be read in the context of my extant writing, opinions, and clear motivators, as well as in the setting of my life as you know me to be. That I see a need for this preamble is a more strident indictment of our society and culture than it is a flag about my stated opinions below.


Things fall apart. The center does not hold.

Nothing is the same anymore. Candy bars do not taste right. Baby Ruth tastes like Payday with chocolate and a soupçon of industrial waste. Tattoos and piercings, formerly the decoration of the Lower Classes, have now become Chic and Trendy (although if Dear Leader continues his work, the Chic and Trendy will become the lower class). Love of country was de rigueur; now it is aberrant and atavistic. Aberration itself is the New Normal. Joe Haldeman's The Forever War deals with a soldier who goes on multiple missions to space wars on board vessels that travel at relativistic speeds. He doesn't age, but generations pass on earth, and with them, the cultural distinctives of those generations. Eventually he comes back to an Earth where homosexuality predominates, and his preference for women earns him the moniker "The Old Queer".

I know somewhat how he felt. I live in a culture that has given up sane standards of behavior, and has jettisoned consistency. I come from a time when there was the Correct, and there was the Aberrant. The Aberrant was viewed as alien, mistrusted, and often ridiculed. What a difference a couple of generations (
and PR.) makes. What was once villified as the Sin Not to be Named has become a Civic Virtue, and Normal. A decades-long public relations campaign has paid off. For as long as, the homosexual, the mincing, lisping fageler, has been a mainstay of funmaking. Practically every country ridicules homosexual activity and 'lifestyle.' Anime series often have a homosexual character displaying unrequited feelings for the main character for comic relief. We know 'what ain't quite right,' and humor reveals it. As to cultural inconsistency, our alleged science-mad society completely ignores the Darwinist and Gouldian evolutionary dogmas to accept homosexuality as anything other than what those very dogmas would maintain: that homosexual behavior is an evolutionary dead-end, and should be avoided for The Good of the Human Race.

What has brought us here? Only a massive and universal  PR campaign to render three-to-five percent of the population as fit for human society. Not merely fit, but lionized. What is a tiny minority of the body politic has become a great mouth, a whine machine demanding that all of Western culture be bent to the minority's will. This is ultimately where democracy fails: it is not the quantity, it is the decibels, and bruvvah, they have been loud. They have invented rights where none before existed, and in so doing diminished the rights of the majority. Where new "rights" are invented, new mechanisms must be developed to administer those rights, and the price tag for such instrumentality is borne by the majority through taxation. "What will equal marriage rights do? How will they affect you?"

In the bottom line.

Now let it not be assumed that I am some throwback crank with an 'anti' axe to grind. I've paid my dues. I've lived amongst them. My father was a homosexual (he pauses, waiting for the inevitable stupid comment like "Well, you're here....")  Let's say that I was the result of a foray into an alternative lifestyle. By living in such company, I harbor no illusions about homosexual behavior. I have seen the crudity and demeaning nature of "the lifestyle", and have been pawed as a teen by "friends" of my father. There is nothing better for your self-esteem than to see one's father's exploits on the high school bathroom wall. I have a good number of friends who are homosexual, and they tend to be the crudest people of my acquaintance. I say this not to point the bony finger of indignation, but to give the lie to the high pretensions of those who most loudly promote the homosexual agenda.

On the flip side, I must say that I am live-and-let-live. I do not enthrall all of my reader with tales of The Sensuous 'Vark. The Dread Dormomoo's and my connubial deliberations are off-limits. Please make your private practises Not My Business. I do not participate in Straight Pride Parades. I DO poke fun at "End The Silence" days, because, really, hasn't it been rabbited on about for decades, now? I recognise that the anti-bully message is largely "don't bully effeminate boys". But neither do I throw stones, or insult them, or militate against the marching minority. Please, just leave me alone. Keep your hands to yourself, especially, hands off my wallet.


Jay said...


Having had problems with such types in my (very) younger days, I cannot help but agree.

Right now, the college I work at is holding a "gathering" of "Christian" homosexuals. You know the line:

God loves gays so gay is OK. God is a God of love, so much so that he couldn't possibly judge, leaving out the fact that he does.

When pointing that out they counter the objective use of Bible verse with their subjective/selective use of other verse while claiming you're being subjective/selective.

When pointing out that words have meaning they counter with the Bible in all or part being obsolescent in some way.

When pointing out that ALL the Bible must be either consistent or All non-consistent they choose the latter thus invalidating their vision of a Jello Jesus (He takes the shape of any mould you pour him into.).

When their "God" evaporates they then fall back on their non-claim that "It's not my fault, God made me this way (or) cicumstances, (junk science) 'genetics' are to blame. Besides ... It's the way I feel."

"Feelings", not God, are the "justification" here.

I would like to reprint your article on my own blog. With your permission of course.

The Aardvark said...

You have opened another kettle of carp.

Certainly you may reprint it. Thanks for asking.

Michael W said...

"Nothing is the same anymore. Candy bars do not taste right. Baby Ruth tastes like Payday with chocolate and a soupçon of industrial waste."

Candy bars, slices of bread, Twinkies, etc. are also smaller than they used to be. And I'm sorry, but this business about "contents settling while shipped" to explain bags of chips and such half filled with air still isn't fooling me.

TCM recently celebrated Vivien Leigh's birthday, and Denise was surprised to learn that Ms. Leigh was bipolar. Jeremiah and I pointed out that, in those days, we weren't informed of every detail of a celebrity's life (and, back then, a celebrity was actually something special). Nowadays we have every incidence of some reality-television person changing his or her undergarments being reported as major news.

jay said...

Here's another kettle of carp, coots, whatever ...

The two day "Love Across the Spectrum" conference was held this weekend in the building I work at on campus (I'm sure you know what they mean by spectrum.). I did what I could to avoid contact as much as possible while still getting my work done.

Around 5 PM, Saturday the "conference" was over. Only a few were still lurking about around 6. I'm passing this one "light in the loafers" type and he's going on to this hetero couple about a little kid he just talked to. Needless to say, he seemed quite charmed about the tyke. He ends the conversation by saying: "I hope he turns out gay!"

Needless to say, I got a bit steamed but held my composure as I went by. The reply from the wife of the couple was even worse:

"We hope the same for our kids."

I wish to God this was I story I had made up but it isn't. As they say, you can't make this stuff up. Anyone and I mean ANYONE who thinks it's OK for their kids to be homosexual (And this creature was HOPING!) deserve to have their line die out.

With me it was an accident of cancer. But they are self unmade.

It is now clearer to me than ever before ... This country ... the whole damn world ... IS IN TROUBLE.

The Aardvark said...

The DD and I have both known a goodly number of rainbow types. the refrain we keep hearing, unasked for, is "I was born this way. I wouldn't have chosen it."

I can be charitable and say that the people you heard were high from their mountain-top convention experience, and after the Kum Ba Ya's they were not being normal.

Then again, perhaps they are just stupid.

Jay said...

Stupid ... no doubt. But I also think they are being, unknowingly or not ... pure ... dead ... bang ... EVIL.

I can't be charitable. The college I work at is a total freak show.

"Academia" seems to travel at varying relativistic speeds of the kind in Haldemans' book. All I know is when I go to work, I can't help but get the feeling I'm on another planet. Or dimension. And I'm NOT talkin' The Twilight Zone either.