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Sunday, September 01, 2013


I really hope I am never killed as a hate crime. It would be terrible to be so much MORE dead because the killer hated me.
The day has been fine. I built the bookshelves for The Dread Dormomoo, and we feasted on what should be termed "Tennessee Valley Oysters": boiled peanuts. I did a crockpot version overnight, and they are wonderful!
Watched "Ghidorah" for the first time today. 1964 never looked better! I must confess to watching the American version. The dub was not bad.  Akiko Wakabayashi played "Mas Selina Salno, Princess of Sergina" in the film. She is best known to folks like us as "Aki", "Tiger" Tanaka's girl Kinyoubi in "You Only Live Twice". Lovely gel!


The slapstick in Ghidorah, especially between Godzilla and Rodan provides an amusing break in the fighting and suspense. Overall a fun flick.
Amazon has a lot of the kaiju movies on their video service. Very good stuff!

Have a lovely Sunday, and then Labor Day. We do not plan to labor.

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Michael W said...

Wow! "Ghidorah" was the first kaiju I ever saw (back in the good ol' Austin Theater, back in good ol' Austin, Texas). This was in the days before we managed to get television stations from San Antonio . . . which meant "Project Terror"* on Friday nights . . . which meant the entire Toho/American International/Universal genre film library falling into my konk.

(*"Where the Scientific, and the Terrifying, emerge!")