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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Firing up the Interociter, or summat.

The Aardvark is approved. Really! Waves of approval wash over his diminishing bod (having lost ten pounds and maintaining it before the next bout of de-pounding). MARC, the lab that does medical testing, has OK'd me for the "Gotta go in the middle of the night again" trial. My first dose is on Tuesday. Posted, you shall be kept.

The incipient Government shutdown has me extraordinarily filled with ennui, as does the expected arm-flailing. Here is a link to a news site with a breakdown of the earth-shaking effects:

"Entitlements" will be unaffected. The POOR will have no worries, so feel free to allay your friend's fears. I'll sleep better if the bounders aren't in D.C.

So, your Aardvark is in the throes of depression vile. We have just come off  the stresses of Hell Week at the shop, just having too many jobs at once, besides prepping for Anime Weekend Atlanta. The release from the stressors has me auguring in emotionally. Bleeeah. I could use a SEE-gar, but they are all at the shop, and I am not willing to make that effort. Chocolate milk didn't touch it. This is serious. Where's my lithium orotate supplement?
Happy week, all.


YouTube search: "Smarter Every Day". Outstanding science videos by a Real Rocket Scientist from here in Huntsville, AL.

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Doom said...

I was tired. I came, I read. Now I'm morer tireder. Thanks! *grins* Keep it up, go, go, go. You'll be back to getting a breather before you know it, a bit. Maybe. I wish I could 'run and play' with you kids. Just know that when you stop moving forward, the options aren't pleasant. So keep a stiff upper libido and stick with it until you can't. Life will spike your dinner with functional saltpeter before you know it.

Super on the cat thing. Yeah, I got it. Then he started talking about the tail and I thought I blew it until he went on. As I recall, humans can do this, with a bit of practice. The problem for humans is there isn't as much of a payoff and falling is too potentially destructive at comparable heights per size to be a useful function. I know from landing on mats and... some odd other stuff, or thought I knew. It seems to be that I was on track. I too would curl, then gently rotate, as I recalled, just like the cat. Though we will never be as good as a cat.

I also love how cats can literally hide in their skin. Grab one and they can just slither out the back of their skin, it is... sort of freaky. I'm sort of jealous of cats on some scores, not so much on other scores (dating, mating). :p