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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Most Hated SF Intro

Star Cops.
Justin Hayward did the song.

Followed by the SECOND most hated theme.

And y'know? I like 'em both!


-Warren Zoell said...

I can't stand that Enterprise theme.Everytime I hear it I want to throw a very large cinder block at the TV set AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I keep expecting to see Patch Adams jump out somewhere.
However being a Moody Blues fan for many many years I think the Justin Hayward song is good. Very Moody Blue'ish.
As for the videos the opposite is true I love the montage sequence for the Enterprise opening but I can't stand video sequence for Star Cops.
The cheese grater has been turned up to 11 on that one.

The Aardvark said...

There is an important reason for my liking the "ENTERPRISE" theme: The series premiered two weeks after the harrowing of 9/11. The hope expressed in the song was a balm to very sore emotions and spirits here in the US.

I especially like the contrast of the "pretty song vs Murders Most Foul" in the Star Cops opening, so I guess it's opposite day for us today!

So what shall it be? Fisticuffs at dawn?

I'm up at 10.

Warren, have a lovely Sunday, you and yours!
(In other news, I am hunting a model of the Markalite cannon from "The Mysterians". Awaiting an email from Kaiju Modelers.)

Michael W said...

Well, being a Justin Hayward/Moody Blues fan, I might argue with you some about your choices. I will state that the Enterprise theme helped kill that series as far as I was concerned.

(Happy to know someone else out there who's seen Star Cops: a very underrated series.)

The Intro that really boils MY chestnuts?


The Aardvark said...

The top YouTube comment?

"The most homoerotic theme song, EVER."

The "Felix the Cat" theme was better (another Trans Lux offering).

-Warren Zoell said...

I see it's disagree with The Aardvark day LOL! Another thing I found strange about "Enterprise" is why they would choose an already existing song as its theme. They never did this in the past. I blame Braga... hell I blame everything on Braga. LOL!!

From what I can see Kaiju is the only outfit that makes (or made) the Markalite Cannon kit.

The Aardvark said...

Ha. I was not aware that the Enterprise theme was a pre-existing song.

The biggest sin that Braga and all did was trying to make the Trek franchise "their own", like the yutzes who "sing" the national anthem and add trills and arpeggios to make the song theirs.

Just sing the song.

Michael W said...

'The biggest sin that Braga and all did was trying to make the Trek franchise "their own".'

Oh Lord, so true. Gene Roddenberry wasn't even cold in his grave when Braga and Berman and the rest began feeding on his corpse while, at the same time, trying to sweep Roddenberry under the carpet.

-Warren Zoell said...

It was used in the end credits for the movie Patch Adams (hence my earlier reference), sung by Rod Stewart.

-Warren Zoell said...

I suspect that if you like the "Enterprise" version, you'll like the original even more.