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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Damage joy

There is a vast amount of schadenfreude from the proggy side. As attacks on Constitutionally-defined rights continue apace, with legal gun owners having their guns confiscated in places like NY (but not really...no-one is confiscating guns :/), those who wish to abridge my rights are having deep joy as they whittle away. As you giggle whilst infringing on what the Constitution says "shall not be infringed", remember this: as you claim new and unusual "rights" (which by its actions -like licensure- the State defines as mere privileges), if clearly defined rights like gun ownership can be whittled away by political whim, then when the "whims of change" come under future administrations, YOUR pet "rights" may be infringed, whether that be "whatever-marriage" or the right to unlimited rice pudding. A future administration may well push to abolish YOUR favorite rights, and neither Wil Wheaton's tweety angst, nor Michael Moore's fatuous pronouncements will make any difference.

You would do well to support freedom and Constitutional rights, period, rather than cherry-picking your faves. Hanging together versus hanging separately.

Here endeth the Lesson.


Jay said...

The champions of peace, love, brother hood, & perpetual unquestioned joy have no idea that they are now the establishment/oppressors. The krap they advocate today may be the bite in their collective(ist) ass tomorrow.

Can I post this on my blog?

Doom said...

The troublemakers in that group can't be negotiated. They are intent on not just losing rights, real ones, but forcing the issue if that is required to their ends. Beyond, since, to them, the ends justify the means, they are an intractable enemy.

The ones you are trying to reach are sheep. They can be, and are, herded. They go with whatever feels or looks like what they think they want, needs are an aside. Think about it though, what does even a good shepherd do? Sure, he maintains the viability of the herd, but he most certainly culls it too. Which, the wolves can argue, is no more than what they do, albeit naturally.

You have a thin line to draw for people who often can't distinguish between a wolf and a shepherd. Good luck with it. Not my gig but I'm glad someone thinks there are nits to be picked.