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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boldly to go....

It fascinates me endlessly that the patron saints of liberalism like Charles Darwin, Margaret Sanger, Che Guevara, and many past congressmen with a (D) by their name have opinions of other races that make the KKK seem moderate.
Been watching "ENTERPRISE" with the Dread Dormomoo. The show premiered on September 26, 2001, fifteen days after the horror of 9/11. The theme song was, to me, a balm after the angst and fury of the preceding two weeks. Almost twelve years later, I see "ENTERPRISE" in a different light, a parable of American folly, of our rushing in to distribute "democracy" like so many cans of beans. Within a few weeks, the show itself had aliens speaking of the crew's reputation as buttinskis. I like the show, still, but MAN, the "Gee whiz" Nosey Parker attitudes begin to grate.


Jay said...

Stopped watching Star Drek looong before 2001. The constant violation of the Prime Directive, their insistance about the FEDeration NOT being a military organisation (In spite of the fact they had weapons that could melt entire planets & other trappings.)& your aforementioned buttinski attitude.

Oh yes, & the exportation of "democracy".

"Their gonna get it wether they want it or not. We're gonna free these savages even if it means killin' 'em. Inside every foriegner is an American waiting to bust out!"

Isn't it interesting we don't we don't have it ourselves (We're a republic after all.) & that no one seems to be able to define it?

Michael W said...

Once I heard the theme song for "Enterprise" I said to myself "that's it, I'm outta here".

Of course the utter lack of respect the show had for canon helped my decision as well.

-Warren Zoell said...

I found this somewhere on the interweb, and must say I agree with it.
What's the problem with Star Trek you may ask?

1) Nanny State that takes care of everyone’s needs
2) No Poverty (Except for those less-developed fools outside the federation)
3) No Religion (Except for those less-developed fools outside the federation)
4) World Government
5) Utopian Socialism, no money, no economics. Aggressively anti-capitalist
6) Free Love
7) No Politics (Implying a one party democracy, a’la the Soviet Union or People’s Republic of China)
8) No apparent art or culture (Except among those less-developed fools outside the federation)
9) No police (At least not apparently, though I’ve often wondered if Starfleet is a fascist organization)
10) Counselors - telepaths who are allegedly for the crew’s benefit, but behave similarly to the “Political Officers” on Soviet ships
11) No private ownership of weapons
12) No variation in education (“I know you are all familiar with the works of Descartes, Shopenhauer, and Flatulord the Immortal from the planet Flatulon Five”)
13) A secret police, as per DS9
14) No real private ownership of property
15) Expansionist
16) Multicultural on the surface, but this seems to be token acceptance to mask a deeper obsession with homogeneity - Worf can wear his beauty pageant sash, and Kira can wear her earrings, and Spock can wear his gay-looking Idic (Seriously, I’m straight and even I know that thing is a conceptual nightmare!) - but people are clearly uncomfortable with having a non-human around with Spock, there’s contempt for the Bajorans, and we’ve repeatedly established that Worf is more comfortable with humans than his own people. He’s tamed, token if you will.
17) Dissenting viewpoints are always presented as ‘misguided’ in some way
18) Mistake legalism for morality
19) Abortion is legal
20) Green

The Aardvark said...

Warren, yes indeedy. There is a "Cracked" video that discusses why the Federation is creepy. I'll post it if I can.
On another note, as a devotee of the works of Gerry Anderson, et al, I have long noted the not-so-tacit socialism of his world. "World President", "World Aquanaut Security Patrol"...like that.
Spectrum are made up of tokens.