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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hail the conquering heroes!

 Animazement has come and gone. Wowee wow-wow-wow! A record-breaker for the con (just under 9000 attendees) and a record-breaker for us! Absolutely outstanding.

I was met numerous times by customers/fans of our shirtings who said that they always hope we will be there, because we are their favorite shirt huckster! Very gratifying. The staffers at AMZ are unfailingly helpful (except for one door guard chick who would not let us in a side door. I know...just following orders. That always ends well.).

Here is another part of the Dealers Room:

We had a great time, saw old friends, made some new, saw the genius who "advised" me about my business last year. Once again, we were the heroes of the Larger Set. Tir Na Nog was a must, as well as Ragazzi's for food. We stayed at a newly-renovated Red Roof Inn, which was clean, comfortable and quiet, and was five minutes from the Convention Center.

More to come, with pictures. Blogger's picture and text combination poses problems.


Doom said...

When I read that you are... well received... I often think of what Christ suggested, about being the best (what we now call Christian) where you are. Whether slave, king, diplomat, or... hawker.

I'm pleased your 'buffalo' are running strong. Hunt well, and watch out for teh wolves. Although it would be interesting to hear more your revisitation with the sage bringer of false business prophecy. Nice of you not to stone him, by the bye.

The Aardvark said...

Thanks, Doom. I stated precisely what happened this go-round. I saw him. He was at the booth across from me at Tir Na Nog. We had no exchange. Besides, he and his wife were obviously having a lovely time out, so I must give him props for that.

This convention thing has an oddness to it. It is longer-lived than I had expected, and we shall ride the pony 'til it drops.

Speaking of Ponies....

Michael W said...

It's just occurred to me to ask how you got the shots in this post? Did the Dealer's Room have an upper mezzanine or something?

The Aardvark said...

@Michael - I opened the canopy of Supercar and stood up with a camera.

The convention center is multi-leveled, and the dealers room is reached by a long escalator down. There is a glass-wainscoted "porch" that allowed the shots.

That, and Supercar.