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Saturday, February 23, 2013


Fascinating, Captain. I am endlessly amazed (see, my eyes are WIDE!) at the micro drama at the elevators. "Is this elevator going down?"

"No, it's going up.

"OK. We'll wait."


I had a moment of cognitive dissonance yesterday. I saw a woman in a kilt. My brain started to yammer "Something's not right here.".
 Apparently "medium" is the Steampunk size.
Michael, I am a-quiver with anticipation re: The Current Project.
 Thunderbirds is coming back!!!
The con is not Facebook. Please do not wear your politics on your sleeve, even if we are in agreement.

 Fascinating, Captain...

The suffragettes and proto-feminists chafed under the bondage bone and steel corset stays, and they went the way of button-shoes. Now corsets are a trendy fashion statement and cosplay accessory. Just not in the kitchen.
More tomorrow.


Michael W said...

"Michael, I am a-quiver with anticipation re: The Current Project."

Hmmm, you'd better let the Dormomoo handle the drive home from the convention. But, if global conspiracies involving clandestine organizations (and the Vatican) fooling around with ancient genetic material . . . throwing in a resourceful heroine . . . is your cup of fictional tea, then I might have something ready before long.

The Aardvark said...

I'm by my lonesome....I'll have to tough it out.