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Friday, February 22, 2013

Anachronistically yours....

So, the Aardvark  is north of Atlanta, displaying shirts at AnachroCon, the region's premiere Steampunk convention (a totally subjective estimation. I am willing to be corrected.) The con has just opened, and as Steampunk attracts The Older Fan (and might I add, the Literate Fan), the madding crowds have yet to descend, because they work.

This is Steampunk. For reals.

It has been a Sisyphus week; a large Rock, and too much Roll. We are thankful for the business, not so much so, the things which militate against Getting It Done. These things keep me from doing the bloggish bit as well, though this may not be quite accurate, because I have spent an uncomfortable amount of time on Facebook making right what once went wrong. I am one of those with the unfortunate belief that if YOU present an opinion in a public forum, then YOU are inviting discussion and debate from ME.

Wrong-o, Mary Lou. Mind you, I am not That Guy who trolls comments to Fix that person, but I do enjoy a lively but civil back-and-forth. Oh, well. 

Michael: Anthony Taylor is here.

I have another post of Theological Import roosting in the wings. Later.


Michael W said...

Faith, and here I am helping Anthony with a project we've fitted with a working title "NOT The DaVinci Code". But Anthony has always been more outgoing than me (no small trick . . . the average fencepost is more outgoing than me) and flesh needs to be pressed.

If you happen to stumble into him sometime today you might pass on that he'll be hopefully getting a new chapter later on.

The Aardvark said...

Yessir. It shall be done.

Doom said...

I have been bumping into Steampunk gear a lot as I prep for Burning Man. It is usually very expensive though, must be highly trendy. I was curious if it is it's own generational thing or if it has origins in comics, movies, or something else? I haven't really found a good answer on that.

This con sounds like a fun one. Just to see some of the kit. Oh, is Steampunk stuff pretty well made/built or is it... pot metal with polish?

Good luck on sales.

Michael W said...

@Doom --- Steampunk has sort of been with us for some time in one form or another (the SF of a century ago, "The Wild Wild West" television series from the 60s, etc.). It's only comparatively recently that it's taken off, and cosplayers are now paying outrageous prices for welding goggles, top hats, etc.

I believe the official starting point for the modern steampunk movement was 1990, when Bruce Sterling and William Gibson's "The Difference Engine" was published.