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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

So, the loss of Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds, Space 1999, etc.) REALLY set me on my ear. I was in an emotional fetal position for at least a day. (He was like MY John Lennon, by way of simile.) I'm OK now, but it was a really big shock. My reaction actually surprised me.

Yeah, a marathon may be the thing to do. A celebration of excellence.

The sad thing is, he was never really happy doing the marionette series. Had an eye for greater things, but he and his crew did them so very well. Comparing "Fireball XL5" to Roberta Leigh's "Space Patrol" series is almost tragic. While "Space Patrol" has its charms, it looks like cardboard sets. The Anderson shows always appeared more...finished.


Doom said...

Ah! Now, not being a Lennon fan, but knowing some, that makes sense. I can only guess that his death brings something of your own mortality into clearer perspective, but in a deeply emotional way. I've had spiritual gut-punches like that, and still get them from time to time. Knowing, however, doesn't help. Time, and regularity? I hate to sound nerdy about it, but... I am a nerd.

I hope you get to feeling better about things soon.

The Aardvark said...

Thanks. I am better...I am at the "analyze this" stage.

I am clear on my mortality...I intend to have a few words with Father Adam on the other side re: the whole death thing. I do not fear death, being a Christian and all, but I am terribly annoyed by it.

That said, the loss of a hero of sorts stings. You have no clue how many hours his work has afforded me wonder and joy, and I passed that on to my young'uns.

Michael W said...

Anderson's passing really got to me as well (more than I thought it would).

I've also been having a sort of Anderson marathon at this end. And you're right: he wasn't happy working with marionettes, but he did it so doggone well. I can still remember how scared I was at the first episode of "Fireball XL5" (I was seven when NBC ran it on Saturday mornings). Up until then "children's programming" was usually light and cheerful. By comparison, "Fireball XL5" was downright dark and serious.

Doom said...

This is off topic.

A business prop... I did look for an email but... either you don't have or I didn't see. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt if you don't be too harsh... if there is one.

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