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Friday, January 11, 2013

Nowt to it.

I am despairing because people give ANY credence to the "We The People" petition-mo-tron on the White House website. It is an internet illusion, like talk radio, where people make comments, and feel like they have DONE something, when they have done nothing more than talk.

Ours is a representative republic, NOT a democracy. A "vote" on the website is worthless, and only gives the Administration one more thing to ignore or belittle, and ultimately serves to make many of the petitioners just look like imbeciles.

Of COURSE Feinstein will be brought up on treason because of a petition, just like all the DVDs, books and Youtube videos about the President's various inconsistencies and apparent untruths kept him from being re-elected.

People, do it by the rules. The White House came up with this petition thing as a misdirection. It is a NEW thing, which carries ZERO weight as ballast for the Ship of State.


David The Good said...

But... we got Death Star... we got Death Star! (You know that we got it!)



The Aardvark said...


The Aardvark said...

I was at the Eglin AFB Weapons Museum on Monday, and I got to touch the SR-71.

That sucker still looks cutting-edge, and it debuted in 1964. I'm guessing that the REAL cutting-edge stuff today is (1) hidden, and (2) thirty years of what they reveal as "now" technology.

Doom said...

There is one petition, since they are all 'tarded', that might at least tickle your fancy. No, I agree with you, I do. And, no, I won't even "sign" this one, it is just... I do enjoy the notion.

Here you go.

Doom said...

Oh, and here is one that actually worked. No, seriously, take the time when you have it to watch. It concerns you, everyone who is reading this, and me too. Of course, it wasn't part of the Zero-charade, either. (h/t to Ace of Spades HQ

It is scary how close they come, and keep coming. Something has to change.

The Aardvark said...

So tragic about Aaron.

Doom said...

Wanna bet he was taking the "best" anti-depressants money could buy? Those things ought to be outlawed. They don't help with depression, but they sure up the chances of suicide or murder, including mass murder. Someone(s) are getting filthy rich off them though, so it ain't going to happen. Do a quick study of suicide, murder, and mass murder rates, and the rise of psychotropics. I haven't yet, specifically, but a general look tends to indicate some correlation.

The Aardvark said...

I won't waste the bet. It is a given. Same as the notable shooters at least back to Columbine.