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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fearless Leader

From Drudge:
"Obama to surround himself with children when announcing new gun regulations..."

Ahhh...human shields.


Doom said...

Uhrm, that isn't going to help him in any way possible. As I have said, he may go down in history for the only thing for which he is worthy, being the first president thrown out of office, along with a slew of his associates. I don't think impeachment will work, with the senate being traitorous. If they do cast them out, somehow, I hope they fix some of the problems that lead to him getting to that office while they do it. Simply adding seven years to the voting minimum age and requiring voters to also be actual taxpayers or veterans would do the trick.

I'm not sure what is coming. My guess is it will be ugly though. Anything he might try to do is overtly unconstitutional. And, as we have seen, the Supreme Court doesn't care any more about the constitution than Zero does.


Doom said...

Actually, I'm not seeing anyone or anything actually stepping up to the plate. It looks like America is over. I guess most will wait for the broken, executive branch, courts to decide for Zero before thinking about, you know, getting concerned.

It's over.

Jay said...

Kinda reminds me of that scene from The Dead Zone, where Martin Sheen as the president, uses a child to shield himself from an assassin.


Anonymous said...

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Jay said...

Me wanna quick qash lone!

Er ... uh ... cwik cash loan!

Awww t' heck with it!

The Aardvark said...

I love that he said "my web blog".

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Too bad the 0gre can't have a Julius Caesar moment.

The Aardvark said...

Well, Galt, we DO live in interesting times.