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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Where the Aardvark stands.

The third party guys are pretty much freaks.

The more Constitutional guys (ironically) want to turn the YouEssofAY into a church camp. (And yes, I have a problem with that. You do not vote the Kingdom of God in. You make disciples. See Our Founder's instructions in Matthew.)

The Green Party does not bear consideration. It isn't even amusing this go-'round.

Johnson cannot tell the difference between a Right and a Privilege. This is stupid. (And, yes, that PRECISE point is my problem. It opens the door for more government intrusion into our lives. Odd for a Libertarian.)

Romney and Obama are essentially two sides of the same globalist coin, the two-party ouroboros swallowing its own tail.

Ron Paul, the only real difference in candidates, is pretty much a lost cause, but a principled lost cause. I predict volumes of write-ins for him, from ALL political camps.

Consequently, your Aardvark may need to write himself in, himself being the only arbiter of True Political Wisdom.

That is all.


Doom said...

If I was to go along such lines, and I won't say that I am not, I would have to vote for you... in the off chance DisneMcLucusWho magic caused one of us to somehow win. I wouldn't want teh job. They break everyone who takes that job, usually well before they get there, but... not always.

Jay said...

@Doom- I think anyone who wants that job is a bit broken to begin with.

@Aardvark- Though I like to think of myself as libertarian (Voted for Ron Paul in the primary.) I'm also realistic enough to know Johnson doesn't stand a chance.

Gonna have to go "lesser of two evils" & vote Romney.

Two relatives are out of work. A career opportunity was yanked out from under me. And my health insurance company has informed me that due to "reform" my rates are going up in a year.

Can't afford this Obama guy. Hopefully the rot will be slower under Romney.

Gamegod said...

Been racking my brain over which "lesser evil" to vote for. I told family I was going to "waste" my vote. However, Now I am not going to waste it. I'm going to write you in as well. Now you can say you had at least 2 votes for President!