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Friday, November 02, 2012

Ohhhh, yeaaahhh!!!!!


This one appeared in Facebook this evening. ANY red-blooded American man or woman would likely read this, do the fist thing and go "YESSS!!" (at least the ones south of the Masie Dixie, and west of the Mississippi). Perhaps the most ardent chicken-necked trendy Bloomborg devotee might feel the flaccidity wane for a brief tick in agreement.

Your Aardvark has long been a capital punishment supporter, mostly for Biblical reasons (Paul 'splains it in Romans 13), but I must admit that exposure to Vox Day's writing has given me pause, not that I think CP is wrong or unbiblical, but that it is wrong for a lawless government to own the Ultimate Sanction. Barack Hussein Obama has taken unto himself the privilege of having death lists, for assassination-on-demand. Not cool. bro'.

Another problem I have with it is that the little sons of Belial that are American progeny now have already learned to game the "abuse" system. "If you don't buy me a new X-Box, I'll tell my teacher that you abuse me." Like that. Imagine if the little darlin' was really ticked at you. One-way ticket to a lethal injection. (I do not believe a jury trial would have the ability to acquit, because with child sexual abuse, the accusation is the sentence. Adrenal glands kick in, brain shuts off: "GUILTY!".

So I have to back off from the fist pump on this one. Leave the real molesters to be dealt with in prison, er, in the courts. BUT! If a person is caught as it were, in the act, then what happens, happens. I would acquit a killing in true defense of a child, all things being equal. Likewise injury. A picture showed up a few days ago of a man's back after momma caught him (a coach) coaching her son in diddlery. She heard a cry, grabbed a kitchen knife, and waded in. The man looked like old National Geographic photos of whales after the whalers had got their flensing knives to work. I shall not find the image, because it was too gross for me, and I used to read my grandfather's medical magazines.

But here is a picture of a whale:

You get the idea.

This does not bother me as much because I am a speciesist, I guess.

I trust mom and dad justice over the Government's, in this case.


Doom said...

Killing someone in the act of, or to prevent, rape (regardless of the victim's age) is quite legal (probably everywhere). The only problem one might have is with "liberal" DA's. Who, through their staunch disbelief in capital punishment would see you hang, literally, somehow, for such an act. Never mind me, just... growling and cursing at the insanity of the world.

As for Vox? Capital punishment? Look, either you believe in it, and that America is 'just enough' to employ it, or you don't. I do. With all the checks and balances, I see no problem with the notion of executing child molesters. Besides, I know they are kept out of the g.p. So they don't get hurt in there very often. And I don't like that kind of "justice" anyway. Much less sure or right than a court. It is no less than mob vigelantism.

As a Catholic, the Pope has (or the last one did) come out against cap. pun. And, while I agree with his notions, I disagree with his thesis, that prisoners can be 'safely' kept in prison interminably. And, since this is not theological, I can and do heartily disagree with him on this issue.

Besides, something about punishment for sins here (there are several ways) limiting punishment there (heaven). So, capital punishment is... a chance for some who might otherwise be lost. If nothing else it severs the sinner from the potential, and future victims, forever. I likes it.

The Aardvark said...

I have to go crash.

I believe in capital punishment, and definitely believe Certain Criminals need to be taken out. I worry that for whatever reason, people like you and me might be labeled "take-outable" for the mere fact that we disagree with the regime du jour. Makes me not want to give our current "servants" the tool, but the point, she is moot.

Jay said...

I am AGAINST capital punishment. It gives the government a monopoly on violence & revenge.

A five minute head start would be much more sporting anyway. Did I say five? ... Oops! ... I lied!


Gamegod said...

Yeah I saw that episode of "Southpark" where all the kids cried "They molestered me!" But cases that like "truth will out" quick enough when the kid lands in a foster home with worse than he had.

Take pause and think of Sandusky. He still absolutely proclaims he is innocent. Is he self deluded, or can enough people hate a coach, Any coach (maybe from their childhood) to be willing to get an innocent one railroaded just because people are that mean, or mad over ball game rivalry?

Sadly, I think yes they are. However I do NOT think Sandusky is innocent IMHO.

Having come from the background I have (you know) this stuff hits close to home.

That said, WWJD if instead of sex between consenting adults, they had cornered a man who had been with a child? Would He have picked up that first stone and cast it? If not, what would he have said?

It bakes my noodle. But you hit on what lets me sleep at night...

Prison justice for inmates that hurt kids. I understand it's a more fitting punishment than death.