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Monday, November 05, 2012

Perhaps the best advice I have ever given. Or not.

If you plan to blow off the vote, at least go and vote for Gary Johnson. If the Libertarian Party gets 5% of the popular vote, then next go-round there will be NO ballot access issues for the LP. We will be closer to a true 3 (or more) party system. Doing nothing will insure the same old thing election after election.

This small investment of your time will earn interest in the future of our nation.

PLEASE share this around if you find it has merit.

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Robin S, said...

I also voted for Mr. Gary Johnson.As of five hours ago, he has received 1,139,562 votes.Of those, 13,229 came from my state of Florida-who'd a thunk it?Unfortunately,the people I had spoken to felt neither President Obama or Mr. Romney were a good choice,but still failed to think they had another choice.When pointed out to them that they indeed did ,they felt that their vote would be wasted-sad,really sad. Wish he could have gotten the 5% needed to qualify as a "minor party".Now that President Obama has been given a second term,he will at least be scrutinized more by The Tea Party,Republican Party and various watch-dog groups.Socialism will lead to Revolution, if there are any true Americans left whom are able to think for themselves.