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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Now, with VIDEO!!

I keep hearing them: the plaintive bleats of the left about how one in six Americans struggle with Hunger. Radio ads are regularly played that trumpet this dreadful statistic. One person in six is going hungry.

Prove it. Shoot, I maintain that all Americans have a problem with hunger, several times a day. Six Americans out of six. That is not an epidemic, because meal-time solves the problem.

"That was unfeeling and hurtful."

No. I just want to establish that there are ways and times to ask questions to derive the answer you require.

I do not deny that some have poverty issues, but if the number of 16+% seems astonishingly high. I mean, if 44 million people are on food stamps, that would indicate one remedy for the situation, and that a big bunch of people have sussed it out.

I do NOT believe the 1 in 6 number.

Of course, I have good reason to suspect skullduggery. Check out the anti-obesity fitness ads the US Givement is playing. Momma sends Daughter up and down stairs to look for Mom's purse...which Mom knows is in none of those places. She lies to her daughter to get her to scramble up and down the stairs and burn off some of those Skittles and Big Macs, but it's OK, because it's for the girl's own good.

Enjoy that nursing home, Mom!

The current administration thinks so little of truth, and the PEE-pul, that they encourage lying to your kids. For a Good Cause.

In other news, not raising the Debt Ceiling will automatically cause the US to default.


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Continuing to spend what we ain't got will ABSOLUTELY cause US to default!
I don't buy the bollox about "1 in 6" either, they were spoon-feeding ppl that when things were BOOMING, too.

Giraffe said...

I think this is just non-communication between government agencies.

One agency looks at the population and says, 1/6 people are normal weight, 3/6 are overweight, and 2/6 are obese. "stop eating so much america!"

The other agency looks at all the fat people and figures 1/6 must be hungry.

Unknown said...

What's with all the sneakiness and skullduggery being pushed, advertised, and sometimes outright preached these days?

Kids won't eat vegetables? Puree them and hide the greens in pizza or spaghetti. They don't want to exercise? Tell them they can get an easy ride to a bright future all the way to retirement playing pro ball.


How does this do anyone any good? Teach 'em what's what about nutrition and activity, and make them less of a target for dieting fads and companies.

The Aardvark said...

It is like the new definition of "share" on TV ads like BK minis.

It means that you can take some of what someone else has without their offering.

Socialism much?

Unknown said...


Hubby and I haven't used our tv except for storm alerts during inclement weather in months, so I've no idea about the commercials.

Any excuse to push their pet causes though.