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Monday, March 21, 2011

President Obama seems pathologically unable to practise strategic thinking. He apparently only deals with Things Tactical. There are people who play chess with their next fifty moves planned ahead, then there's the way I play: just responding move-by-move. I don't win much.

Libya appears to be just one more isolated chess move in a dreadful first-term game for Barack Hussein Obama. WHY are we there? WHERE is a declaration of war by the Congress? WHEN will we get out?

Tennessee Valley parents are apparently suing the State in Federal Court in Huntsville, blaming the Alabama's low property tax rates for the poor schools here.

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- Alabama property owners pay the lowest property taxes in the country.

A federal lawsuit set for trial here Monday argues that isn't simply a coincidence or a reflection of an anti-tax electorate, but designed to discriminate against black schoolchildren.

The case is Lynch v. Alabama, named after one of the plaintiffs...

The suit is being brought on behalf of families of black schoolchildren in Lawrence and Sumter counties and families of white schoolchildren in Lawrence County. The plaintiffs range in age from preschool to high school.... --The Huntsville Times

The irony is palpable. They were at least smart enough to include a few white kids in the suit, to fend off accusations of "reverse discrimination".

It is instead taxpayer extortion in the Name of Civil Rights. All of the property money goes into a pool, where it is divvied up. Birmingham and Madison County apparently get more than "their fair share" except that they also pay a large percentage of the tax bill. Should property taxes increase, I will be curious to hear the howls from property owners in Sumter and Lawrence counties.

I wonder how many of the plaintiffs rent?

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