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Monday, March 07, 2011

Pictire from: omarsinc.com/goodteachers


Wisconsin Congressional Democrats have taken their soccer ball and gone ho...wait, they haven't gone home; they've run away! They have joined The Beaver, Dennis the Menace, and hordes of other five-year-olds who didn't get their way, or who went to Dad's study, but didn't learn their lesson.

What lesson? YOU LOST! You are no longer the majority. In a representative government, the Majority has more clout than the Minority (apparently Beav didn't learn his math OR civics lessons, either). Having a tantrum won't change the numbers. This isn't American kid's soccer, where EVERYONE gets a pizza party. Unless, of course, you throw an especially excellent tantrum, turn that exquisite shade of blue, appear on CNN, and get Jesse Jackson to declare the whole "collective bargaining" thing a "Civil Rights Issue".

It's easier to win the soccer match if you have some adults to move your goal around.

BTW, has anyone noticed the Marxism inherent in union-speak? Collective bargaining...struggle....

So, it is time to go home, WI Dems, and represent your constituents. You are the minority, and do not have the clout you once did. You will likely lose this issue. Mensch up, guys 'n' gals. Do your job, even if you lose.

Smile and enjoy the pepperoni!

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