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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If I hear another lie from the pretending Liar-in-Chief, I am gonna explode. In fact, I just did, screaming at the radio.

Screaming, like a feminist who just dropped her bucket of Ben & Jerry's on her favorite cat, killing it.

He was blathering about the "drill, baby, drill" or somesuch, and he said that if we were to get every drop of oil from our resources, that "it would not meet our long-term needs".

His misdirection is breathtaking, but not as asphyxiating as the credulous listeners who hear and do not perceive. Certainly, it will not meet our long-term goals (however he defines them), but increased domestic oil production will currently fulfill our current needs, which is our entire problem now. We need fuel NOW, while we work out the solutions for the future. It is like saying that we should sit in the dark, because our lightbulb production cannot possibly meet future illumination needs. We need a man or woman in the Oval Office who has the clarity to see NOW, because we have to move through now to get to then. Obama's thousand-yard stare is of no use either to us or those in the future. To put it shortly, Barack Hussein Obama is of no use to us, period.

He almost makes me miss Jimmuh Cahter.

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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Wait until you see the NEXT communist asshat that gets (s)elected. OWEbama shows US there is always a new "low" to be reached!